Jeremy Corbyn comes to Scotland

Today the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been in Scotland showing once again he knows more about Central America than he does about a country he may potentially be Prime Minister of in a month. There’s several main problems with Corbyn in Scotland; the first being he still doesn’t know what is, and isn’t devolved. Just saying ‘I want to invest £70billon in Scotland’ seems great, but it ignores our democratic deficit as well as ignoring the fact that money would I assume be given to Holyrood, so it isn’t for him to spend.

This is dreadful stuff as by now he should be able to string together more than throwing money at us, while wearing a cheap tartan scarf because you know, Scotland. We’ll like that sort of thing as he pats us on the head…

But it is over the subject of a second Scottish independence referendum that he fails hopelessly. Now remember, there is a triple lock of a democratic demand for it. PRo indy parties won the last Westminster and Holyrood elections, and Holyrood itself has voted for one. Corbyn, etc talks of ‘allowing’ us a referendum, maybe, perhaps, possibly in his second term when he’ll have dragged us out the EU, and the mad auld bastards that surround him will have won. You don’t ‘allow’ an equal, that’s something only a powerful ‘partner’ does.

Corbyn however cannot give a clear answer. One minute it’s not going to happen, next he can’t rule it out. Even a sympathetic Scottish press corps can’t help but despair at Corbyn’s snapping back about failing to maintain a clear position.


And now Labour are pumping out ‘Tartan Tories’ lines as if the last 45 years never happened, because this is Labour in Scotland. Trapped in the past unable to relate, stuck in ideology, unable to relate. So now we have Corbyn’s comments being rightfully laughed at while all the time the Tories are pissing themselves laughing.

Which is the problem. See, Scotland needs independence because partly we can ensure the Tories never get their claws into Scotland, but because some middle class psuedo socialists within Labour see us as only drones, we’re to be doomed to this thin gruel from a leader supposed to be the resurrection of Labour in Scotland.

That isn’t to say the SNP are a perfect solution (more about that another time) but this is intolerable but tomorrow when Corbyn heads back down south to a more comfortable audience, he’ll forget about Scotland yet again.