Boris Johnson goes to Glastonbury

Yesterday and today Jeremy Corbyn has been making an arse of himself here in Scotland. Today though Boris Johnson stepped up to the plate to show himself incapable of normal human interaction, plus he managed to be kept out of a staged visit to a bakers in Glastonbury.

However this wasn’t his first time at Glastonbury. Back in 2000, the BBC invited Johnson down to the festival to be escorted around by Billy Bragg on the Friday of the festival. At that time Johnson was editor of The Spectator, plus he was gathering a strong media profile as an ‘affable Tory’ so here is paraded on the Leftfield stage on the Friday.

Now I missed Johnson’s slot having ingested some quantity of alcohol and mushrooms, but here it is clear how Johnson is shaping his image, and how easily it was for it to be formed by people playing along with the gag.

Here we are 19 years on and the act seems to be wearing thin but the question is to those of us in our nice, leftish wee bubble is it really wearing thin with the people who’ll vote for him, or place him as a better option as PM than Corbyn? Stick our heads into the real world and Johnson has supporters across the UK, well, England who will put their vote to his party in less than six weeks.

Johnson is dangerous. He’s a shapeshifter who lies continuously and cannot be trusted. As a Unionist he’ll strip back devolution, leaving us with no way to insulate ourselves which means we have a situation where someone who wants power so much and to wield it without opposition will do anything to win.

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