The genius of Robert Crumb

First time I saw any of Robert Crumb’s work I was very young and had an instant negative reaction to it. It was, to me then, utterly repulsive but I was used to superhero comics and nothing more challenging than the best of that genre. I must have been around 9 or so because shortly after 2000AD came out, and it acted like a comics education as I expanded my tastes to the point a few years later that I read more Crumb, and this time saw the genius in his work.

Some of it was still repulsive, some of it would come these days with ALL the trigger warnings one can get on today’s ‘woke’ culture, but Crumb tells truths and sometimes it hurts to see people tell the truth. I suppose this is why I grew more and more into Crumb’s work as it truly is comics meant to be read by adults with an open, critical mind.

Interviews with Crumb are fascinating things.Over the Christmas holidays, a new one emerged and the interview is a wonderful thing from a man now able to look back at a long career and still tell truths. Have a look and see someone who still struggles with some of the work he’s done, and sometimes doesn’t care because that’s how it should be.

So, enjoy and go search out Crumb’s work. It will be the most extraordinary, often challenging, work you’ll ever read.

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