Look at the state of this year’s Reading Festival lineup

I mean just look at it?!


Apart from the lack of female acts, or indeed, women in any act, the lineup is just fucking dreadful and as for Saturday having Gerry Cinnamon and Liam Gallagher together on a lineup is literally asking for hordes of mouth-breathing wankers to congeal on-site in puddles of their own vomit, piss and blood.

I dunno why I’m still so bothered by this sort of thing. Yes, Reading played a massive part of my life in the 1990’s and early 2000s with quite literally some of the best days of my life lived there. There was always going to be a day when Reading passed to a new generation but to feed this new generation masses of shite (with the odd nugget of gold) was not what I thought would happen. Just for a start, looking back to past years there were more women playing most years.

Since the early 2000s the festival has been more about money than music so the headliners are safe. Nevermore will they throw on Lee Scratch Perry at 6pm or Kevin Rowland in stockings singing Whitney Houston songs.


Reading is now a big corporate machine. It makes sense to ensure it remains safe, and isolated from things like scary new bands or women because that might be something new and exciting as opposed to Liam Gallagher squawking out Oasis songs to the middle class wealthy children of folk far removed from Gallagher’s working class roots.

Ah well, I still have memories…