Comics, the Coronavirus and Me.

As many who follow this blog know, I’m back selling comics after some years away, and after a  battle with stroke and cancer I’ve relocated to Glasgow to sort of regroup til my future becomes clearer. Things were going OK and the comics are too, and they were fun. So much fun I was working towards doing them full time.  This year would be the year I hopefully did that and give Scotland the back issue dealer it needs…

Along comes the Coronavirus and BOOM! Conventions are canceling til the autumn at least and the entire industry is under threat. The real shame is that the physical act of buying comics is growing, and (without getting too big a head about it) I’ve played a part in showing up here it can be done, and done with reasonable prices rather than charging 70 quid for Batman #91.

At the minute I’ve got a job to fall back on but this puts the kibosh in maybe transitioning to full time, plus it shafts my helpers. However have a thought for those doing it full time who quite frankly, are fucked. If this had happened in a month we’d have the cash from a couple of huge shows to bide us over, but we don’t.

So, the comics industry in the West of Scotland, and the UK is on a knife-edge which means I’ll be blogging more about stuff that’s popular, so more comics, Glastonbury and the good stuff. However I do ask that if you enjoy it to chuck what you can to my KoFi page here. I don’t want to seem like a grifter but every little will help, and I’ll give you what you want!