People are twats

It’s the first weekend in the UK after shit got real, or realistically Boris Johnson and his creepy aide, Dominic Cummings realised the herd immunity policy would kill over 250k  and has shifted far too late to try to nudge people into staying home to starve the Coronavirus of potential victims. Sadly things are too far gone and we’re on the same path as Italy who at this rate will be past 10k deaths by Easter, so everyone who should, is staying home.


People in parts of the country have treated today like an extra bank holiday so parks have been rammed, while rural communities in the Highlands, Wales and the South West of England are being flooded by second homeowners bringing the virus with them and clearing out local shops of food and supplies. These communities have a clear message to these people.


Problem is until you force people, you’ll have twats. We’re all going to lose something in the months, even years ahead, but to needless lose your life because some dick from London has driven to their second home will be a terrible way to go.

So, don’t be a twat.