Boris Johnson is lying to us

We’re a week into the official lockdown in the UK, though it isn’t really a full lockdown as people are still working in jobs that are far from essential, and that compared to other European countries the UK are not testing (well, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are testing) as much as we should. The fact is as on writing this the UK’s overall death toll is 2,352 with an average increase at the moment of 200 a day and this will increase as we’re into April now which means we’re getting now into the real hard times as the NHS becomes overstretched and the cases come flooding in.

So one has to ask if the UK government has done what they could. The simple answer is no. We had three months warning this was coming. We could have taken control at a governmental level of this back in February but no, and remember, at the start of March Boris Johnson was boasting about shaking the hands of Covid19 victims and saying everyone should carry on.


The facts are brutal. Hundreds of thousands of people are being infected every day and thousands are dying, and although some countries are tailing off, that’s only because of severe lockdowns which look unlikely to be relaxed back to pre-virus conditions anytime soon.

This is where this video from Dr. Rupert Read comes in. After this is done, people need to be held to account and Read makes the points clear as to where things went wrong and what should be done.

In the next month things are going to get horrendous, so we need to listen to the likes of read because it might help people understand how we got here and how we might get out.