Let’s go crazy

As I approach my second weekend in isolation as the Coronavirus pandemic gets worse, and worse, it dawns on me that at no time in recent human history has such a single event effected the planet in such a way. The toll on people and their physical and mental health is going to be massive with people living the rest of their lives with the trauma we’re all experiencing right now.

When I hear people say this could be over in a few months, or realistically when a vaccine is available I tend to think the smarter ones are trying to avoid what we’re going to have to deal with at some point, which is the grieving and dealing with whatever you thought normal before this won’t be around after this. For myself I know I’m having severe anxiety and I’m not infected. God knows what the doctors, nurses and other NHS staff are putting up with, not to mention the family and friends of those dead.So I, and others, seem stuck between melancholia and hysteria.

Truth is we’ll dealing with this for years, in some cases for the rest of their lives. Once the scale of the pandemic becomes clear we’ll not put up with what we were before this because it’ll be trivial. We’re going to be very different after this so let’s have a conversation now about how to make things as best as possible for people after this.