Another day in the ongoing future dystopia

I’m now in the fifth week of lockdown and to say there have been bad days is an understatement as like most people, my mental health is shagged, my sleeping patterns are a mess and days and days of isolation where I literally speak to nobody face-to-face is taking a toll. However the other option is death. I prefer the toll being taken as something might be done to help them, death however is hard to come back from.

As it stands realistically 45k people are dead thanks to Covid19. As yet, the UK government aren’t being hung from London Bridge for how badly they’ve failed to deal with this but this isn’t a functional country with our descent into Orwellian nightmare.

I’m trying to keep organised and busy but that often ends up meaning being slumped in front of Netflix or Amazon Prime, sleeping or wondering where the day has gone. There is however a chance of working from home soon which will at least focus the mind somewhat. At least it means getting off being furloughed and my job being secure at the end of all this, assuming of course we ever have days ever again where we’re not living in the shadow of Covid 19.

And on that note stay safe. Next time back to the cheerier content.

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