Stay Alert means people die

The new UK government advice for England is, well, a mess.


It has resulted in Piers Morgan tearing a Tory MP apart.

Then ITV’s This Morning, a programme which is the visual embodiment of Middle England tearing Boris Johnson apart.

In just a few minutes on Sunday night Boris Johnson tore down all the good work which has been done over the last seven weeks, threatened lives and now risks the security of the devolved nations who remain in lockdown but now have to deal with people trying to get over the border for a holiday.

Because of the incompetence of this UK government, people will die. There will be a second wave hitting in 14-21 days which means lives will be lost that could have been saved if the Tories actually cared about saving lives which they don’t. Right now, it’s about getting things back to normal when nobody is fully prepared for what the new world living with Covid will be. Another three weeks wouldn’t have been any problem to get the infection rate down a bit further and get some actual planning for reopening done. Now everything is going to be done on the hoof in England, and again, people will die.

Never in my life have I seen such a psychotic government and that is saying a lot.

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