Boris Johnson has went missing in action

In my entire life every Prime Minister was on TV during a crisis letting us know what was going on (even in their own terms which played with the truth) throughout the crisis. Every one, apart from Boris Johnson who has been mainly invisible this week. In fact since PMQ’s last week he’s vanished. Even the likes of Thatcher or Blair didn’t shirk their responsibilities.
Even Trump (mostly) attends his daily Covid briefing, but Johnson it seems can’t get out of bed. We’re in the worst crisis outside of war, hundreds are still dying each day and yet, the man who is supposed to be the leader of the nation is almost invisible so instead we get stooge after stooge coming on to do the Covid briefings or appear to a media who are still mainly supportive of the UK government.
So where is Boris Johnson? Why is he being protected while he’s out of sight and just when is he intending to even remotely do his job?

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