Dominic Cummings hates you

Dominic Cummings has never been elected to any position of power in his life, yet as the UK government’s chief advisor he is probably the second most powerful person in government after the Prime Minister. So you’d expect him to abide by the law right? Wrong, he drove over 200 miles while displaying Covid-19 symptoms from London to Durham to his parents’ home.  This was at the end of March when lockdown was in full effect, and there have been people resigning for less but as of now, Cummings remains in a job being defended by reams of Tories who are acting as defence for him.

The issue is that Cummings did what we were told not to do. He travelled hundreds of miles while displaying symptoms possibly infecting who knows how many people because he wanted to be with his parents so they could look after his child. Yet across the UK there must have been thousands of families in the same position who didn’t risk their entire family by sticking to the rules. There’s also thousands of people who couldn’t be with their loved ones as they died hoping that a nurse or a doctor would be with them in their last moments.

But people, on the whole, respected the lockdown. They wanted people to be safe as well as their families. They respected the law in a time of crisis. Yet here’s someone advising the government ignoring laws, breaking lockdown, infecting who knows how many and now, rubbing our noses in it because he frankly hates us. We’re just shit off his shoe. The contempt for the public’s trust is contemptible and in a normal democracy would lead to Cummings being charged, as well as being sacked but he’ll survive this. Trust in the lockdown will be diminished and people will just go ‘fuck it’ and go around to see loved ones they’ve not seen in ten weeks at least.  All the hard work and sacrifices people have made since March is all gone in a moment of complete selfishness yet Cummings escapes a fine or charge.

Fact is you are treated with contempt and despised, and the elite aren’t even trying to hide it.

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