Saving Dominic Cummings

By now everyone should be aware of the Dominic Cummings saga and how it is seriously interfering with the governments public health message during the coronavirus with beaches across the country rammed. The lockdown is compromised which bluntly, means people will die but Dominic Cummings has been unaccountabnle so far.

In any other situation he’d have been sacked before the start of the bank holiday weekend but we live in odd times and now he’s doing a press conference from Downing Street where he’s spun a load of nonsense which makes the situation worse. The lie about driving to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight is his ‘Prince Andrew can’t sweat’ moment.

Fact is there’s tens of thousands dead. People have made sacrifices. But Dominic Cummings can’t even say sorry because he’s so arrogant he doesn’t feel that people’s deserved anger at him breaking the clear lockdown rules is something to apologise for. So his job is saved for now, but people know a cunt when they see one and today they’ve seen a massive one lie to save his job.

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