Matt Hancock is the laughing death secretary

One of the many, many remarkable things about the UK government’s reaction to the coronavirus is how most of them look like they’re really not bothered about an estimated 60,000 dead and a confirmed 40,000 deaths. Top of the list is Health Secretary Matt Hancock who from the start of this crisis has been hopeless, but as the death toll rose he’s made himself even look worse by his complete lack of understanding.

Today he did an interview with Kay Burley, and it takes a hell of a lot for Burley to speak as a moral voice but she gave him enough rope to hang himself today.

I mean, what sort of sociopath do you need to be to laugh at perfectly reasonable questions and there’s 40,000 dead. Why make this face?


What needs to be going through your head to think ‘ah fuck it, this is funny’ when England’s daily death toll is still in the hundreds?


At what point does it go through a normal person’s head that this is fine, that this is a decent way to act when hundreds of people will die today and he’s sat at home having a laugh?

These people don’t care. 40,000 dead? So? They don’t care. They’re sociopaths.

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