Trump’s America is burning

There’s been some awful American President’s in my time, but to see the country burn in flame and anger sparked in a large part by Donald Trump’s reaction to George Flloyd’s killing by the police, it has to be said Trump is by far the worst.  Unlike past times when the country has been gripped in protest, I can’t see a way out of it that doesn’t involve things getting worse, or further lives lost certainly not before November’s election.


The sad thing is there’s a pretty good chance Trump will win again this year for a variety of reasons, but the fact is that if he does then what we’re seeing now is a warm-up for the main event which is breaking the US apart forever. I fear for the next few months in America and the fact the country is more or less in martial law with trigger-happy police facing off against protestors, many of whom are young and not used to the chaos of protesting.

So good luck, stay safe over there and remember, Covid-19 hasn’t went away. It is still there and there will almost certainly now be a massive second wave in the US but take what precautions you can and try to make what is hopefully Trump’s last few months in power ones where the people hold him to account.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s America is burning

  1. I’m hoping that this will lead to much needed change. But I’m disheartened by the people I see supporting oppression.


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