Milestone Comics TV item from 1993

Back in the early 90’s DC Comics reacted to the lack of black representation in their titles and their creative staff by distributing comics produced by Milestone Media which was the brainchild of the late Dwayne McDuffie.


The idea proved to be a successful one initially as well proving that DC were willing to back such a project and indeed, characters did develop a following with Static getting his own cartoon series. It is a shame that when some today leap to dismiss or slag the 90s off, this is forgotten about 99% of the time which can be blamed upon the ignorance and stupidity of those trying to teach history with no knowledge.

When it was launched in 1993 it came with a load of publicity, much of it outwith our wee bubble which is comics. Here’s a piece from the U.S at the time which is pretty good for mainsteam television reporting upon comics back then, or indeed, even now.

Go search some of the back issues down. Barring a few issues, most will still be pretty cheap and you’ll get yourself some of the better superhero stories of the 90’s done from an angle nobody else was doing.

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