A quick word about the Warren Ellis allegations

For those who don’t know a series of allegations were made regarding Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis by women who said both groomed them when they were younger, and like each such revelation it’s followed by a range of women who’ve been through the same experience with the named people, and although nothing illegal went on (though Stewart might have his collar felt due to Canadian law) it’s certainly a case where both appear to have used their positions to basically get sex, or at least try to.

Fact is this is not uncommon in the industry.¬† I’m not as full in the industry as I once was, but back in the day you’d see certain people sneaking away with women, or men, who were not their partners with everyone turning a blind eye because this was just how it was done. Plus you didn’t really want to get involved as you never know if people have open relationships.

This, however, doesn’t excuse what Stewart and Ellis are accused of though I will say there’s been stories about Ellis for some time but we’ll see in the months to come what happens next as Ellis hasn’t said a thing on his social media which is unsual.

There’s also a ream of people coming into the story late saying things like they’ll burn their comics because these people are bad, which is insane because the fact is nobody is 100% pure, and you’ve already spent your money. The fact is human beings aren’t flawless and quicker some of the people coming in late to the story realise that the better, but we’re in a weird, strange period right now so don’t count on it.

I hope both apologise and open up a larger conversation about this in the industry, because although the problem will never go away it may help reduce it in future.

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