Just wear a mask

As of the 10th of July it became a legal requirement in Scotland to wear face coverings in shops and public transport with the advice being if you can wear them at all times when outside then please do. However for now, it’s just shops and public transport where it is a legal requirement. Simple enough right? Well, as in the USA, people are complaining that it is ‘inconvenient’, or a nuisance or they won’t wear one because of ‘personal freedom’.

The simple fact is that we can’t stay in lockdown forever, and the chances of a vaccine for Covid-19 is further away than most people think. There may well be good treatments we find out in the future, however as the weeks move on we’re finding more about Covid, and little of it is good so you want anything like a life prior to five months ago? Wear a fucking mask or you put not just the vulnerable at risk, but yourself as you really don’t want a mild case of this as people who caught it back in February or March are still suffering through it. We’re only now getting some idea that this is going to end up putting a lot of people into long-term post-Covid care.

It doesn’t cost you anything. It helps us come out of lockdown so that those of us who have been shielding since March and have barely left our homes can come out in a few weeks to hopefully pick our lives up again. I don’t care if you feel silly, it makes you and I safer so that hopefully whatever is our new normality can proceed in what is going to be hard enough times.