Coming out of lockdown

On the 23rd of March, I went into lockdown and because I’m shielding I’ve barely left the house barring the odd GP appointment, or a walk to the corner shop at the end of my road. Sometimes I’ve sat on the bench in the wee park at the other end of the street. As a whole, though I’ve probably been no more than 200 meters from my front door in over four months.  So I’m going a tad stir crazy.


As long as we progress into phase 4 of coming out of lockdown on the 3rd of August I’m off furlough, back to work for a while as part-time is still an option and frankly, lockdown has seen a lot of post-stroke issues flare up so things will need to be monitored over August. Of course we could all go back a phase, or worse go back into full lockdown. With the state of Covid infections in England and it being a matter of time before these start crossing the border, it is a matter of time before the second wave which many think will kick in this winter. That’ll mean a return to lockdown.

But for now, I’m a few weeks from some sense of whatever the new normal will be. Wish me luck!