The death of The Guardian

The Guardian is to shed 250 jobs as the perfect storm of Covid-19 and at least a decade of fucking up comes home to roost.  Now there is a death of print generally but The Guardian has been the victim of its own decisions from then editor Alan Rusbridger throwing the paper at the US market and changing the focus of it from a UK left of centre, often socialist newspaper with a basis in investigative journalism, into an opinion led paper rammed full of clickbait aimed at the American left while distancing itself from its roots in Manchester. Even stalwart Steve Bell is losing his job.

It is a loss. The UK media landscape needs a strong left of centre voice and this will further weaken the paper, though it shows little signs of recognising that the descent into identity politics, not to mention the close relationship to the Lib Dems while alienating readers on its position on Scottish independence, socialism, women and a number of subjects which have seen the paper pitch itself at a small clique of supposed left wingers who seem to be far removed from leftish policies.

There’s always been an authoritarian, pro-establishment streak to the paper, but it’s become a paper where different views, and voices have been thrown off to leave it as a mildly middle class liberal sludge with the odd outrider reminding us of what it once was.

I stopped buying it around the time of the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, and stopped reading it around a year ago when it became intolerable in the fact their editorial lines were interfering with being an investigative newspaper. However nature does abhor a vacuum and there’s much online which has replaced it, but the one thing which is hard to replace is investigative journalism. It’s hard, long and often expensive and it will do us no good if the victim of the restructuring of the UK’s media landscape sees the end of investigative journalism.

It could still attract readers back but in the week since this was announced I’ve seen no signs of it having improved so it’ll be sad to see it damaged like this, but in reality, the damage is mainly self-inflicted.