Breaking slabbed comics

The new Cartoonist Kayfabe video features a Golden Age comic being cracked from its CGC cases so the guys can read it and show it off to us as that is the point of a comic book.

There will be people outraged as after all there’s a fee to get the comic rated and slabbed, yet as discussed in the video there’s a controversy as you can resubmit a comic and it’ll come back a different rating. I know of dealers who’ve submitted comics which are mint, unread comics barely touched to get a rating back of 8.0. Then they resubmit it and get a 9.8.

Now, this is all because there’s no consistency because it depends who studies your comic on the day. Also the actual really difference between a 9.2 and a 9.8 is sweet fuck all but because of the market being as it is, that potentially will be worth hundreds. If a book is what used to be called mint, you’d expect that to be highly rated but as said, sometimes this comes back in a lower rating than it should be.

Then there’s the fact comics should be read. Had that Marvel Mystery Comics been slabbed forever we’d never get to see how amazing it is inside the book. It’d just be locked away forever just sitting in a box or maybe on a wall or some kind of display.  Comics are an art form designed to be read, so it isn’t like a painting or a baseball card. Locking them away denies what they are.

And finally there’s the fact the entire slabbed comics idea is a Ponzi scheme. People are convinced this is the best way to grade comics, and of course, for only a smallish fee they’ll grade the comic for you, which then you’ll sell to fans for potentially several thousand percent more than the ‘raw’ unslabbed version of the comic. Add into the mix speculators who can drive up the price of a book on a whim, suddenly you can have dealers who’ve overordered driving up prices, which is what happened in the 90’s and is happening today.

As a part-time dealer I won’t touch slabbed books. They’re a pain in the arse to store and to transport, plus my philosophy is people should read the comics they buy, so more slabs being cracked and more comics being read is what we need in this medium. We don’t need to be swallowed alive by pyramid schemes and speculators.