The return of Runaround

Saturday morning used to be the preserve of kids television but these days it’s cooking programmes left, right and centre, which is the same with weekdays. Children’s TV is now relegated to designated channels but back in what feels like the distant past Back in the 1970s especially, children’s TV was an essential part of BBC and ITV’s programming and in some cases, ended up raising people. Many of those programmes though as lost to the modern world but sometimes they come back.

One of those is Runaround. Hosted by cheeky cockernee chappee MIke Reid it was an odd mix of raucous game show and pop bands of the day.


Broadcast between 1975 and 1981 and this is an example of an average show.

Even though there was some attempts in later series to put in some educational content in the programme but nobody watched it for that. We watched it for the chaos and Mike Reid’s banter with the kids who he sometimes clearly despised in some episodes where he was probably hungover. As you can imagine, there’s no way this sort of programme would be allowed in 2020, but this is a product of the time and back then things were a tad rougher round the edges, and if anyone could work out the rules (which seemed to change weekly) then it’d make it even better.

Thought lost to time it has now returned on the splendid retro channel Talking Pictures each Saturday morning at 9am. For those of a certain age please jump on for some fun nostalgia, and for those too young for that make sure you see this amazing artifact of pop culture.