Comic cons are back, sort of…

Last weekend I set up shop in sunny Cambuslang for the first comic con/mart since Feburary 2020, and in this case it was in the socially distanced spaces of the shopping centre which from my view over the weekend is set in 1985.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much though I had a minium amount I needed to take to make it worthwhile, and I couldn’t take watching mates hump 20 odd boxes up and down stairs so I trimmed down stock to a minimal amount (eight boxes and a couple of back ups) for the weekend.

Lo and behold things were busy, surprisingly so for what was a small town show, not to mention most of Scotland is in Level 2 Covid restrictions which meant a lot of people will still be inside, however the weather was splendid and people did turn out. One of the things I was worried about was how Covid had affected the market and in this outing, it seems that collectors are coming out of lockdown looking to spend money so I was selling some insane stuff, including stuff I’ve lugged around for years. The Sunday was excellent and that’s the worst day normally.

But the event was more about breaking myself back into the world not to mention learning how to stand again without feeling like jelly. Today I feel like I’ve been beaten up but in a good way.

So one down, Rutherglen is next up…

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