Welcome to the world of the Paranormal Paranoids

The world of internet horror in at best, sketchy. There’s the stuff which is basically a variation of this..

Over and over and over again, or it’ll be needlessly gory, or horribly acted/written/directed or go on and on and on and on beyond the point of giving a fuck (yes, I am looking mainly at Marble Hornets) but every now and then a new horror series or ARG (Alternate Reality Game as it relies on viewer input to make the game work fullly) comes along and it blows bigger bidget works out the water. For me, the peak was Daisy Brown, the tale of an abused teenage girl and her monster, Alan who is clearl made out of papier-mâché. If it sounds awful it isn’t. It’s one of the best acted, most creative dramas I’ve seen online in all my years of checking this stuff out and I’d recommend you to start from the begining.

Things have been quiet on the ARG front recently thanks mainly to the pandemic meaning things were just hard to do, or do well at least. Along now comes Paranormal Paranoids and it is just wonderful in regards script, acting and execution in a way not seen since the sadly discontinued thanks to the pandemic Echo Rose.

Paranormal Paranoids is all about a Twitter account called Jess the Paranoid, who is searching for the cast of a mid 00’s YouTube show called Paranormal Paranoids which is so wonderfully created that the verisimilitude is dripping from these clips, including a title sequence which is so perfectly 2000s. The cast went mysteriously missing, and Jess has found some old shows on old CD’s shoe has, which has caused her to go online to ask for more and the story begins…

Right now it feels we’re still in the early days so it won’t take more than a couple of hours to catch up, so check out the YouTube channel. after the Twitter account which is the main driver for the story though it has now grown to other social media and has its own Reddit forum; a sign of accepting a good ARG.

Let the Twitter account guide you and then join in the online speculation but remember part of an ARG is pretending its real but knowing it’s a work of fiction so you get the full immersion in the story which is the point. I hope it doesn’t overstay its welcome or suffer a dip in quality but Paranormal Paranoids is so good that it could easily be one of the best ARG’s done so far.

So go and dive in now. You won’t regret it, and oh, the thing is actually scary not just through easy jump scares either. Starting at the beginning means joining in on this low build up of a creeping dread that something awful is going to happen to these people and we’ll be all part of it as we’re voyeuristically joining in so get stuck in now!