Ghost Hunting with the Happy Mondays

Many, many moons ago I stepped into one of Leicester’s short lived nightclubs who’s name escapes me, to go downstairs where it was an Indie/Dance night. As I walked from the bar clutching my lukewarm bottle of Becks, the first bars of Step On by the Happy Mondays came on and my life literally was opened to new possibilities in those few minutes listening to something so fucking perfect it made me grin like a lunatic.

Back in those days Shaun Rider and the Mondays were aking to crimnals with the national media and much of the establishment. Rider at one point being banned by all major channels from appearing live.

Now Rider is almost a national treasure, a positon he worked hard to get by doing any old crap he was asked to do. Sometimes that crap is so jaw-dropping that all it needs is a title and you’re sold which is exactly the case here. Just watch and be generally amazed at one of the stalwarts of late night TV at a time when late night TV could still throw up oddities like this…