But Superman shouldn’t be gay!!!

The headlines are full of gay at the minute as Superman is gay!!

The new DC Superman comes out as bisexual | GamesRadar+

Except it isn’t Superman, it’s his son. DC here are having their cake and eating it, and yes, it is a massive publicity stunt because superhero comics love a publicity stunt, and yes, DC can stuff him back in the closet just as quickly as they pulled him out of it. But it’s a sort of positive in that more gay, BI and lesbian representation is in superhero comics but not just to get a sales boost or tens of thousands of headlines across the world. Making gay from the off rather than in Jon’s case, aged up rapidly (last time I read a comic with him in it a couple of years ago he was barely out of nappies) to late teens/early 20’s to fit this storyline in.

So overall, a good thing but could still do better.

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