My name is Glenn Miller, no, not the dead American but the fake Scottish one and this is a blog mainly about  comics, music, politics and my own personal history. It will meander, and it will waffle on but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do partly to get some stories out from the confines of my skull, and partly to just unload or rant. There will also be shameless nostalgia.

There’s reviews of comics, films and other sort of genre stuff. They’ll be bits about politics, including the fact I’m a supporter of Scottish Independence and despise the Tories, which is the sensible position any normal person should take…

If you pop over to That’s Not Current, you’ll see even more of my reviews!

In February 2016 I also had a stroke, and in March 2016, they also discovered a cancer in my neck so there’s a lot of exciting medical blogs that’ll explain all if you search for ‘stroke’ or ‘cancer’. I promise they’re not morose,honest.

So please enjoy.

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  1. Great blog, came across it researching an updated, illustrated version of Stanley Sprockets ‘101 ways to sneak into Glastonbury Festival.’ (available on kindle.) As you seem to be no stranger to the masterful art of blagging, I wondered if you fancy helping us fund the publishing costs? always worth a go right? So, you’ve got my email… Look forward to reading more of your ramblings!


  2. really enjoy your glastonbury blogs, I think we have followed a similar path in life….

    ….now get on with the 2003 review dammit! The festival did die after 2000 and the influx of wankers, but 2003 was just so good..


  3. 2003 to 2005 is written and ready to go, however timing is everything and I’ve got a backlog ot blogs needing to be published.

    Come February, I’ll be back to the Glastonbury blogs…………


  4. Loving your blog sir.

    Not to try and pinch you, but if you’d ever like to write about pop culture (past, present or future) as part of a team of fellow Scottish geeks, we’d love to have you. We’ve just launched or own blog (making it a full site soon) where a group of us will be discussing movies, music, comics, tv shows and pro wrestling. The invitation is always open.


  5. We have a few writers from outside Scotland as well lol. All you’d need to do was email us your pieces you want to contribute and we’d publish it 🙂

    We have a FB group where all the team hang out at the moment. We’re just getting started, but all of our info will be posted there. We also use it to throw around ideas.


    Or if you don’t have FB or would rather remain private then I can contact you via email or something 🙂

    We only just started it up yesterday, so we’re still in the early development stages/

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  6. I’ve joined your FB group. If there’s anything you’d like to use from my blog, feel free to ask to use it.

    It’d be nice to perhaps start off with my history of Glasgow’s comic shops before getting too heavy…

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  7. I won’t pinch any of your stuff, but feel free to use any of it if you want to 🙂 Something on the history of Glasgow comic shops would be very interesting

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  8. We won’t be launching the site until our art arrives, so no rush. Should be about a week yet. As for word count limits, reviews are 300-500 and articles, editorials and opinions pieces we go between 500-1000. However, if the piece requires more, then go for it 🙂


  9. Hi Glenn,

    This is Jack from BHP Comics- we’re a small comic company operating out of Scotland who run the Glasgow Comic Con- we also publish comics and we’ve got a new one coming out by John Wagner and Alan Grant called “Rok of the Reds” – it’s pretty much Roy of the Rovers means the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers…

    Anyway we wanted to send you a free digital copy as we’re fans of the blog, so if you drop us a line at blackheartedpress@gmail.com we’ll send you over a link.



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  10. I am deeply grateful when I find anyone willing to call a fascist a fascist. Unfortunately there aren’t many of the willing around America nowadays.

    I found your blog by searching for that great Woodie Guthrie quote, and narrowing it down to the last 24 hours. It’s been bumping around my head, too, and wanted to see whether I was alone in that.

    Nice to know I’m not. Wonderful blog. Keep up the good work.


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  13. Hey! My friend just sent me the link to your blog because you’ve wrote a piece about my Dad, Bobby Napier, thank you! Did I meet you at his funeral?

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  14. Hi, you possibly did but I had to leave the wake early as I had a train booked to go on holiday. Your dad was a good man, I’m glad to have written something to tell people a bit of that.


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