Marvel’s tone deaf entry into UK politics this week is…

IT is 2020. Brexit is happening and the UK is out the EU, while Scotland and Northern Ireland pontificate about independence and unification respectfully. Things are simply, fucked at best and it is safe to say things are a tad delicate at the moment, so here’s Marvel Comics coming smashing into the room like Lewis Capaldi swigging from a bottle of Buckfast.

Here’s Marvel’s latest super-team, The Union.


I mean, really??

Then there are the new characters, like Kelpie. the Scottish, McScottish, shortbread, Nessie, och aye the noo member!


And Snakes, the Northern Irish character probably made of snakes, potatoes and Guinness because that’s all Marvel editors know about Northern Ireland.


What is a pity is that the hugely talented Paul Grist is writing this, and Union Jack the character that sort of inspired his Jack Staff creation.


Grist himself has said he’s pointed issues out with editorial to deaf ears, and I do hope Grist makes a success of this but I can’t help thinking this is tomorrow’s 50p comics today because the lack of understanding of UK politics is not going to help drives sales on this side of the Atlantic, while I can’t see folk caring on the other side.

Ah well, they might make a film of it I suppose…



See the sunlit uplands of Brexit…

First day out the UK. Future’s looking great. I do expect that £350 million for the NHS this Friday Brexiters, so hope you’re ready if you lot don’t cough up.


The last hours of the UK in the EU

In England there’s parties. Drunken xenophobes cheer how ‘they’re getting their country back’ and hopefully one day will die because of a disease caught from chlorinated chicken. In Scotland it’s like a wake.

It feels like an arm is being cut off. We’re being ripped out the EU against our will and our TV is full of triumphant British nationalists telling us how much they love Britain by telling us how much they hate Europe, and of course, immigrants.

I have no idea where it goes from now but it won’t be good. Once 11pm comes I fear all the last bits of rage and hate which some have been holding onto will be unleashed and people will suffer.

So goodbye to the EU and it’s people. I’ll miss what you did for me over most of my life.


Today’s Scottish Independence march in Glasgow

Right now in Glasgow there’s thousands of people marching in support of independence in a very wet and very windy day.


Sadly the wind and rain means it wasn’t a good idea for the likes of me to join but it looks like tens of thousands did. So when the Tories or Unionists say ‘but there’s no demand for independence’ point them to today and the fact on a truly horrible day in Glasgow thousands took to the streets to demand it.

What is also noteable is the lack of support from leftish English based commentators for a huge grassroots rally. Solidarity only counts it seems if they want our votes. Thanks though to those who did come from England, and from the Welsh who came up and people in Scotland will have your back when Wales starts its struggle for independence.

Estimates put the crowd at 80,000. In January. On a day of weather warnings.

Of course there’s a fucking demand for independence which is why Unionists are terrified. Time now for the SNP to stop asking, start demanding and fight for us so we can win independence, make our own future and be free of Tories and Brexit.

The Labour leadership candidates and Scotland

After last month’s hellish failure and capitulation to the Tories in the election, you’d think Labour would have understood and learned from their mistakes but every single candidate has shown little understanding of why they lost with the exception of Kier Starmer who sorts of gets it, but as he was part of the shadow cabinet one may ask why he’s only speaking up now. Some like Rebecca Long-Bailey are doubling down in some futile extension of Corbynism.

Yet when it comes to Scotland all the leadership candidates betray either their ignorance or their own British nationalism, or in some cases both. People like Jess Philips talk eagerly of ‘listening to their heartlands’ but that doesn’t include Scotland as all the candidates are not just against independence, but against a second referendum saying ‘there is no mandate for one’ even though the SNP have won three general elections in a row in Scotland, and there’s been a pro-independence majority of MSP’s in Holyrood for nearly a decade. Holyrood have voted for a second referendum so one has to ask just how democratic Labour want to be because carrying on like this being a slightly less evil version of the Tories will bring electoral oblivion to them in Scotland.

But no, they plug on. Any shimmering hope they might open up their minds and understand why they’re on the trajectory they are is lost in a mix of hubris, ignorance and good old fashioned British nationalism.

Still, maybe when they lose the next Scottish election next year they might decide to change their minds…

Everything comes to an end

2019 is about to end, as does the decade but the year ending is quite good because it means we’re all getting nearer the real crap hitting in 2020. Next year is a start of a new decade and one which will shape the rest of the century but remember, Australia is burning, the far right are triumphant and corporations are turning the world into a dystopia.


Happy new year!!

End of the decade

We’re nearly at the end of a decade many of us are glad to see the end of. It’s often said the second decade of a century marks how the rest of that century more or less goes, and if the last one is anything to go by then we won’t hit the end of this century, but after the relatively quiet 90’s and troubled 00’s we hit the decade where things start to solidify which means we’re in the middle of a dystopia what with Brexit, Trump, climate change, the destruction of modern culture, the death of facts and critical thinking and many, many more.

Take my pet topic, comics. A decade ago the comics industry in the UK was suffering thanks to the recession. The annual big convention in Bristol, London or anywhere had died and things looked bleak. The Marvel films kicked it all into overdrive though so that now a decade later the UK can’t move for ‘comic conventions’, which sadly most have nothing to do with comics.


Yet comics are in a position of cultural dominance like never before as the culture of 2019 shows compared to 2009 where frankly, most of us were thinking mainly of keeping our jobs. Today we’re entering something new for a generation who’ve spent the last decade knowing things were the norm, but having lived through many a recession what comes next endangers every industry.

What I’m talking about is Brexit. We’re about to face what it’s like to be a small country outwith of all the planet’s huge trading blocs and hey, 99% of the world think we’re utterly fucking insane. We live in the era of the liar, the cheat,the strongman who never backs down even though they are horrifyingly wrong because they don’t want to look weak. Propelled by the internet which a decade ago was still mainly a curated space but is now open war encouraged by a handful of massive corporations who have turned our lives into tradeable commodities to sell to other massive corporations. Assuming the planet doesn’t fry or freeze we have no idea where the next decade ends but for many of us it’ll end badly.

Of course things might improve but not before something awful happens on a massive scale until then let’s raise a glass to the decade which set up the horrors of the forthcoming one and hope there’s something good coming at us…