World War 3

Donald Trump is attempting to start a third world war by killing Major General Qassem Soleimani of Iran, which basically means that many of us in the UK woke up to see ‘WW3’ trending on Twitter which is quite terrifying. Now there is a school of thought that WW3 has been underway for some time mainly fought in cyberspace, but this ensures things become as risky as although Iran won’t launch a ground fight with the US (it’d last a day) but one step wrong in the Middle East and we’re in a potential nuclear situation.

Of course those of us of a certain age growing up in the 70’s and 80’s are only too aware of living under the constant threat of nuclear death. In fact we grew up with it as it was carved into our DNA as we’d been exposed to the fear of nuclear death since before we were all born.

Then it all got better once the Cold War ended and we hit that strange time in the 90s up until the 11th of September 2001, but of course I’m only talking of people in the West. Most of the rest of the world was suffering some sort of strife and didn’t enjoy that time in remission we did.

And now it’s all coming back for all of us.  It might not happen but that niggling horror in the back of my head I thought gone is back, and we can only hope wise heads prevail in the months, and years, ahead.

I’m going to make you sweat

So, Prince Andrew and that interview


I won’t go into the gory details as I’m sure there’s nobody in the Western world who hasn’t heard Andrew’s word and how much of a lying liar he is. The lack of ability to sweat has been debunked for the steaming bollocks it is, and at no point does he say anything honest.

But the fact is that if this had been an ordinary member of the public they’d be in a cell today after answering police questions, but because he’s a member of the British elite he’s able to avoid prison so Andrew can spend the rest of his life not sweating because the establishment looks after their own.

Five more weeks of election misery.

All the leading parties have now launched their election campaigns and are probably right now chapping your door asking if you’d vote for SNP/Lib Dem/Green/Plaid/Tory/Labour/UKIP and on and fucking on as we hit that dead zone between campaign launches and the meat of a party’s campaign, their manifesto. Once we get that, then the hard work begins as we work out just how little the party involved will pay attention to their promises but this election is about Brexit. This also means working out what party would be best to achieve your Brexit goal.

So that means wading through literal piles of shite. For some parties their position is clear. SNP, Greens, Brexit Party, UKIP, Alliance, Plaid Cymru, DUP, and SDLP are perfectly clear; in or out. Tories are a Brexit party but they’re literally a party splitting in two with both sections quiet for now while the election runs but will be biting great big fucking chunks out of each other on the 13th of December. Labour are also a party of Brexit (some might say ‘nuanced’ but the position is going down like beds full of bloody shite with Remainers and Leavers), and are also literally ripping themselves in two but aren’t hiding the fact for the election period choosing instead to expose all their dirty linen in public. Then there’s the Lib Dems who are just fundamentalists in everything, be it Brexit, their Tory-lite policies or their Unionism.

And we’re in a place where we have five weeks to decide how the future of the UK goes from this utter sitshow.

The 2019 Christmas general election starts here!

As of midnight yesterday Parliament was dissolved, and there are no more MP’s, just candidates as we head towards next month’s election. So for a first day everything should be easy steps, especially for the Tories who are so far ahead in the polls against an unpopular Labour Party they should be cruising. Yet, these are the Tories. They fuck up. From Jacob Rees Mogg’s ignorantly offensive Grenfell comments to shit editing of interviews through to James Cleverly showing that he’s unable to live up to his name, the first day has been a clusterfuck from the Tories.

This is hopefully a sign that they’ve not learned from 2017’s campaign which was the worst I’ve seen from a party in my lifetime which is saying something. It is however early days, and there is five weeks until polling day so whether this is remembered by people in the polling booth remains to be seen but as a start it is good to see the Tories totally fucking it up.

Why this election is the toughest we’ve ever faced

Yesterday I spent an hour or so in George Square here in Glasgow at the latest Scottish independence rally with about another few thousand or so people.

If you live in Scotland and care for an inclusive, internationalist Scotland that reaches out to the future then independence is the only way we’re getting that, and the only way we’re getting independence is via the SNP.  Now, I don’t like how the SNP have become complacent, plus how many more recent members don’t have independence as any sort of priority. Neither am I impressed by the woke brigade who are comfortable enough to demand some sort of unobtainable purity than gain independence and change things then.

Vote Labour in Scotland then you vote for a party that rejects an outgoing view of the world and will rather people in Scotland suffer under the Tories forever than making its own choices. Vote Tory in Scotland then you’re advocating the worst of the worst being in power. Vote Lib Dem and you vote for Tory enablers.

But across the UK, things are tougher. Voting Tory isn’t an option unless you’re a hard/far-right Brexit supporting racist loon. Voting Labour means turning a blind eye to their issues, including the antisemitism of the type once quarantined in the SWP but is now rife. Both main parties offer nostalgic, backward-looking visions with their own versions of Brexit which will wreck us all for generations. Voting Lib Dem gives Jo Swinson the sort of power Jo Swinson should never have, assuming she wins her seat back which is shaky at best.

There’s so much riding on this election. I’m now of the mind that Brexit will happen, and in fact, has to happen or there’s no way to move on, which of course doesn’t mean Scotland, Northern Ireland or Gibraltar needs to leave as we all voted to remain. My fear is that in this election critical thinking will be replaced by how loudly one’s own echo chamber can shout and long term goals will be replaced by short term power. Damage done now will last beyond the next five years, so I ask people to think carefully about what they want and vote with the party/candidate who best matches what you want. Remember, you’ll have to live with your choice so no voting X because your ma and da did but vote for who and what you think will work for your goals.

It’ll be tough and I doubt people will escape tribalism, but tribalism sees us doomed for generations. You all have five weeks to make your mind up.

Brexit will never end…

Parliament has backed Boris Johnson’s shite Brexit deal but the entire thing is going to drag on for more agony forever. We are literally faced with a situation where everyone involved in some shape or form in the UK has fucked it up royally in some way. From arrogant, ethno-nationalists pushing for the hardest Brexit ever though to middle class Remainers who think a second referendum will magically reset everything to the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

Frankly I’m fucked off with it all, so I’ve rethought how things should go. I’m no longer fully supportive of a second EU referendum for several reasons.

  1. Remain will lose again. Every major politician in England is a Brexiter from Boris Johnson to Jeremy Corbyn. Some have lept on the Brexit bandwagon for personal gain while some are lifelong Brexiters and they will not give up. Plus if Leave win twice and you can forget ever coming back into the EU for generations. No Westminster government will want to revisit that for the longest time.
  2. It drops Scotland in it. A second EU referendum to validate the first one seems sensible but as many have pointed out, if we ever do get a second Indyref do you really think they won’t pull the same stunt on us? And frankly the SNP are working their arse off to save England and Wales from Brexit for what goal? It isn’t going to give us a Section 30 order we need to hold our already democratically agreed referendum, nor are all these folk down south praising their actions going to be allies for Yes in a second vote. They’re Remainers. They just want their votes.
  3. Not executing the result of 2016 is again, something that paves a dangerous path for Scotland. Say we win our independence? All that will happen is court case after court case holding it up for as long as possible.

The fact is some form of Brexit is coming be it from a Johnson or Corbyn government, and rather than fighting for a second referendum which isn’t going to happen, the SNP should grow some balls and fight for the second Scottish referendum because that helps solve a lot of problems all round. We now have another extention from the EU, so they need to shape up and actually remember why folk voted for them in 2017.

But once independent, ourselves and a unified Ireland can leave England and Wales to live out their fevered dreams of the past til it all goes tits up, sanity is restored and we can all end up being normal countries again.

I wish.

Anyhow, we’re back to endlessly hoping for the unobtainable which means when the mountain hits, it will fucking hit us bad. Good luck to us all.

You’re going nowhere

Home Sectrtary Priti Patel today stood up in Manchester at the Tory party conference and confirmed the end of free movement like it was a great thing, but behind that cold, dead stare Patel has made her own, she told a cheering audience that we’re ‘taking back control’.

For Brexiters this is a victory. They can control who comes and goes, and your rights, and my rights are crushed. If however you have a large enough bank account, free movement will remain yours forever. For everyone else your chances to live, work, love, and experience is made clear in this stark graphic.


ON the left is where any EU citizen can go now. On the right is where we can go freely after Brexit, assuming Ireland maintain a seperate agreement with the UK which right now is on shaky ground.

I’ve loved the ability to go where I can in the EU. It’s been a wonderful experiment to show that human beings can slip in and out of countries bringing and sharing cultures while living together peacefully. And for us in the UK, that goes in less than a month all because a group of people hate other people from other cultures so much that they’d deny their children a future where they can go anywhere in Europe and make a life.

It feels awful to lose this. What’s really tragic is most people aren’t going to be aware of what they’ve lost til its gone, and the people who voted for it will probably be dead or unrepenting anyhow.