Brexit will never end…

Parliament has backed Boris Johnson’s shite Brexit deal but the entire thing is going to drag on for more agony forever. We are literally faced with a situation where everyone involved in some shape or form in the UK has fucked it up royally in some way. From arrogant, ethno-nationalists pushing for the hardest Brexit ever though to middle class Remainers who think a second referendum will magically reset everything to the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

Frankly I’m fucked off with it all, so I’ve rethought how things should go. I’m no longer fully supportive of a second EU referendum for several reasons.

  1. Remain will lose again. Every major politician in England is a Brexiter from Boris Johnson to Jeremy Corbyn. Some have lept on the Brexit bandwagon for personal gain while some are lifelong Brexiters and they will not give up. Plus if Leave win twice and you can forget ever coming back into the EU for generations. No Westminster government will want to revisit that for the longest time.
  2. It drops Scotland in it. A second EU referendum to validate the first one seems sensible but as many have pointed out, if we ever do get a second Indyref do you really think they won’t pull the same stunt on us? And frankly the SNP are working their arse off to save England and Wales from Brexit for what goal? It isn’t going to give us a Section 30 order we need to hold our already democratically agreed referendum, nor are all these folk down south praising their actions going to be allies for Yes in a second vote. They’re Remainers. They just want their votes.
  3. Not executing the result of 2016 is again, something that paves a dangerous path for Scotland. Say we win our independence? All that will happen is court case after court case holding it up for as long as possible.

The fact is some form of Brexit is coming be it from a Johnson or Corbyn government, and rather than fighting for a second referendum which isn’t going to happen, the SNP should grow some balls and fight for the second Scottish referendum because that helps solve a lot of problems all round. We now have another extention from the EU, so they need to shape up and actually remember why folk voted for them in 2017.

But once independent, ourselves and a unified Ireland can leave England and Wales to live out their fevered dreams of the past til it all goes tits up, sanity is restored and we can all end up being normal countries again.

I wish.

Anyhow, we’re back to endlessly hoping for the unobtainable which means when the mountain hits, it will fucking hit us bad. Good luck to us all.

You’re going nowhere

Home Sectrtary Priti Patel today stood up in Manchester at the Tory party conference and confirmed the end of free movement like it was a great thing, but behind that cold, dead stare Patel has made her own, she told a cheering audience that we’re ‘taking back control’.

For Brexiters this is a victory. They can control who comes and goes, and your rights, and my rights are crushed. If however you have a large enough bank account, free movement will remain yours forever. For everyone else your chances to live, work, love, and experience is made clear in this stark graphic.


ON the left is where any EU citizen can go now. On the right is where we can go freely after Brexit, assuming Ireland maintain a seperate agreement with the UK which right now is on shaky ground.

I’ve loved the ability to go where I can in the EU. It’s been a wonderful experiment to show that human beings can slip in and out of countries bringing and sharing cultures while living together peacefully. And for us in the UK, that goes in less than a month all because a group of people hate other people from other cultures so much that they’d deny their children a future where they can go anywhere in Europe and make a life.

It feels awful to lose this. What’s really tragic is most people aren’t going to be aware of what they’ve lost til its gone, and the people who voted for it will probably be dead or unrepenting anyhow.

Boris Johnson is a lying crook

The UK supreme court ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament is illegal, and that the Prime Minster lied to the Queen for his reasons for suspension. In short, if the UK was a functioning, adult democracy then right now Johnson would be hounded out of Downing Street, out of public life and probably facing some form of prosecution for not just what he’s done since becoming PM, but his role in Brexit.

But we don’t have a functioning democracy. So Johnson will sail on by playing up the ‘the establishment are trying to block YOUR Brexit’ to Brexiters, while at the same time desperately making a deal with Nigel Farage so the Tory PArty can win the next election.

Which they will because all of us in our wee echo chambers celebrating today don’t realise just how determined Brexiters are, and the thing is, they don’t give a fuck. They want everything to burn if it gets them the Brexit they want.

So we’re fucked but at least for a while we’re in a place where we’ve got some sort of hope…

A week changes everything in the Scottish independence debate

Around a week ago there was the by now, usual stalemate in regards Scottish independence. Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister had made independence seem better for so many people but there was no sign of Nicola Sturgeon or her government pushing for the referendum many of us in Scotland are dessperate for. Then a new Ashcroft poll was released and since then merry hell has broken lose as the momentum is clearly towards a yes vote.

In around a week carnage has broken loose with the Unionist side in a sheer blind panic not knowing what to do. Rumours of private Tory polls swirl around with these polls showing what Ashcroft revealed, and of course Labour come wading into the debate again pushing the same lines they did in 2014 but the difference is no, few are listening. In short,  they’re scared shitless.

On the other side the Yes Movement’s divides are open and bleeding, but frankly, it needs to be done. There’s always been an awkward divide between the West of Scotland intelligentsia and the mass of working class  Yes supporters which previously was shown up with RISE, who claimed to offer an ‘alternative’ to the SNP and Greens but ended up being typical champagne leftists whose support for independence buckled when Jeremy Corbyn fluttered his eyes at them in the 2017 election.

Then this weekend gone, Wings Over Scotland said that they’d be running candidates in the 2021 Scottish elections, and seeing as Stuart Campbell is equally hated by those on the Indy and Unionist side then as you can imagine social media has become a quagmire. However the plan to target only certain seats with Unionist MSP’s is quite attractive partly as it’d hurt the amount of Unionist seats but show there’s a willingness in the Yes movement to take the fight to the enemy as it were. I’m no supporter of Campbell’s personal views outwith of independence but I fail to see anyone else stepping up to do the job he does. He’s far more effective and frankly, if we go into the next referendum playing nice we’re fucked.

But there’s a clear divide between ‘polite’ Yes supporters and the mass of mainly working class supporters who’ve in many cases never supported anything political in their lives. Now as someone who went around political circles in their youth that divide comes from the old SWP days where thet’d look at the working class as people to manipulate and if they couldn’t they’d dismiss them. One of the wonderful things about the Yes movement is that there’s no SWP types at the helm to fuck things up as they have Labour under Corbyn.

Fact is though that without there being an actual referendum to fight all the divides are showing, things are creaking as after all, some people in Scotland on the Yes side may want independence, but not right now while they’re building up their media or political career but the fact is the last few days have shown that independence is becoming a real prospect for many people who’d not have considered it previously and if we can’t become indepndent when Boris Johnson is leading the UK into a circle of hell all of its own then we don’t deserve alternatives like independence.

Apocalypse Now

This..creature, is now the UK’s Prime Minister at the start (if you think the last three years have been bad you ain’t seen nothing yet) of the worst peacetime crisis in UK history.


Of course the Germans have him nailed.


In short; we’re fucked. There is no way out. The Tory Party are closing ranks much to the pain of middle class liberals who thought Rory Stewart would lead a revolt, and Johnson will make any deal he can with Nigel Farage’s lot of dangerous arseholes (I fully expect Farage in government within the year) to keep Labour (who are more interested in some fucked up campaign of political purity anyhow) and other opposition parties out. An election will be held an barring some miracle, Boris Johnson will keep his job.

We’re fucked. Really fucked and we’re not even at rock bottom yet.

The state of British politics

Watching the Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt debate on Sky it strikes me how utterly and totally fucked we are, and by ‘we’ I mean those of us who aren’t political zealots, careerists, white supremacists, disaster capitalist/socialists, antisemites, Islamophobes or just generally arseholes.

By the end of this month Boris Johnson will be Prime Minister. A man totally out of his depth and unable to do anything that isn’t for his benefit, or the benefit of those who he’s in the pocket of like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. Meanwhile the Conservative Party will hope Johnson provides the aid they need against Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party who are soaking up support mainly from the Tories and anyhow, Johnson will do a deal with Farage to ensure the Tories remain in power and Farage gets that top job he’s been after for decades.

Good thing we’ve got an effective official opposition then! Oh wait, we don’t. Labour aren’tfit for purpose trapped in an antisemitism scandal that could have been stopped by chucking out some of the SWP types who’ve got back in the party years ago, but they’re now trapped. Anyhow, the leadership and a chunk of Corbyn followers are more interested in political purity than power or any actual concern for people who’ll be fucked over by Brexit.

Hey, there’s the Lib Dems! Well, no. The party has fine remain credentials but otherwise is a swamp of what Thatcher used to call ‘wets’, which basically means the likes of Jo Swinson (potential leader) is happy supporting things like the bedroom tax and imposing austerity upon people because she doesn’t give a fuck about the poor.

Here in Scotland there’s the SNP who have discovered the art of saying much and doing little to progress the fight for a second independence referendum beyond vague rhetoric. The suspicion is that many in the middle and higher reaches of the party are happy with the power and influence they have, and knowing fine well the only way we’re getting independence is via the SNP, are happy stringing things along. After all as soon as we’re independent the political landscape is literally up for grabs and people like their advisor jobs or seats in Holyrood or Westminster or having the ear of Nicola Sturgeon.

Then there’s the Greens, but they’re clogged in identity politics  (which to be fair, the SNP and Labour are too) while seeming happy to sit in the SNP’s slipstream.

With a no deal Brexit coming on Halloween, we seem to be stuck with a mess and nobody with the spine to make a break for sanity. Because we are leaving and it will be with no deal. Johnson’s career hinges on it and he won’t let his career fail even if it means a recession to make 2009’s seem like a blip, plus with the Labour leadership convinced their form of Brexit will be better (kind of like saying AIDS is better than cancer) we really are in a state.

But hey, the sun’s out for now.