Morons of Brexit part 216

As the UK stumbles drunkenly towards a no-deal Brexit and total and utter carnage, the grim reality of what people have done is dawning upon the morons who lapped up what the bastards like Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage spouted in a vote which was endemically corrupt and xenophobic.

Today’s morons are those UK immigrants, sorry, ‘‘ex-pats”,  who voted to leave the EU and thought it’d never apply to them because they ain’t foreign innit. As an example of this utter fuckwittery look no further than this article here on the BBC and this wee gem.

Yvonne Stone, 62, is one of the younger members of the club and tells me she voted for Brexit: “I’ve been here for three years and have no plans to go back to the UK – but it will depend on what happens.

“When I voted to leave I didn’t think it would change anything for my rights to live here. We like it here and we don’t want to go back but if I don’t get my pension we might not have a choice.”

We face a situation where hundreds of thousands of immigrants come flooding back, many with long-term health conditions into a country where thanks to their votes the NHS across the UK will have depleted of staff because they weren’t like them. A ripple effect will mean housing becomes scarce as they rush to buy properties in the UK, and we hit a point where things break.

But hey, they get to have blue passports. That’ll make up for having fuck all food or drugs.


Lexit and the ongoing failure of the English left

One of the things about the fact the BBC’s Question Time had the same former UKIP candidate on for at least a fourth time to repeat pretty much the same speech he’s clearly reeled off millions of times in newspaper comments sections wasn’t the fact that Question Time is a big fat fix, but the reaction of some of the English left. To be precise the more Corbynist you were the more likely you were to see an ally in the rantings of an Orangeman. For example;

Which is clear nonsense for anyone actually paying attention to Scottish politics. No such claims have been made and the very idea of independence breaks the status quo clean in half; a fact Bastani ignores because it doesn’t fit his narrative or the idea that’s popped into his head.

And by narrative, I mean this;

There’s an idea among the English left that we in Scotland just need to pay heed to Jeremy Corbyn, fall into line with them and vote Labour yet polls show the Corbyn bounce Labour enjoyed in the 2017 general election is well and truly gone with Labour now firmly third in the polls and slipping. That’s not just down to the simply appalling leadership of Richard Leonard, a right hand man of Corbyn’s and someone who doesn’t even know what is or isn’t devolved. The fact is Labour are tanking partly because of Leonard & the fact the party can’t come up with one workable idea, but also because they’re a party of Brexit, or Lexit, the left wing version if you believe such a thing possible.Labour in effect have put themselves in the position of supporting removing our rights as Europeans, but also thanks to them aping Tory immigration policy, they’ve shown little opposition to the increasing deportations which are happening. This is all because of Lexit and the idea Corbyn is playing ‘a long game’.

Lexit is the idea that it’s possible to have a left wing Brexit. In effect from the ashes of leaving the EU, a new socialist utopia can be built which relies upon one major point; that things for people become so intolerable that they feel the only way out is voting Labour at an election, but polls clearly show Labour lagging, or such such a small lead that it falls within statistical error. So for people to be pushed to Labour they have to essentially suffer and for me, that’s the exact opposite of socialism and I find those advocating such a policy tend to be well off and able to survive when right now, people are losing jobs, or being hurt by Tory policies, or being pushed to take their own lives because they can’t take it anymore. Then of course there’s the fact Lexit throws EU27 migrants under the bus, and it risks the Good Friday Agreement.

So for me, if you support Lexit you’re in the same bracket as Brexiters who don’t care about the effects of what’s happening now, let alone what will happen come April, let alone what is to come longer term when all those folk let down by both main Westminster parties look to further extremes (with sections of both parties endorsing the worst of conspiracy theory led bigotry) out there for answers. With Nigel Farage rearing his ugly head, and talk of a ‘centrist’ party with Tony Blair’s cold, bloody hands at the helm, both Labour and the Tories look ready to tear themselves apart now that the contradictions of what are loose coalitions are being torn apart.

In effect we have the left, like the right, having an aspect who are rushing headlong into the destruction of people, their lives and relationships because they feel their version of political purity is worth a try. For people like myself whose life relies upon just in time distribution the idea that my life hangs on a thread because I’m threatened by zealots from the right, and the left, is deeply depressing. We are insulated in Scotland to a degree, but Brexit will rip that insulation aside, and without the protections of the EU and our European allies, we’ll be left to the whims of people who think in conspiracy theory, idiocy and xenophobia.

Basically we’re fucked. Like the Iraq War though, there will be Brexiter and Lexiter in a few short months desperately recanting as the people who have been ignored throughout all of this kick back and take their anger out on the cheerleaders of what is the single more insane act a nation has done to itself in peacetime.

Good luck to us. We’re going to need it.

Little moments of approaching chaos and fascism

Many of you would now have seen the pictures from America of a group of red-hatted teenagers surrounding a Native American protester on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while chanting ‘build that wall’ at him? The story, and images, are here as I’m not going to give the wee bastards who did this more coverage outwith of them being called out for what they are.

Also this weekend there was a carbomb in Derry. Old tensions are coming to the fore again as Brexit weakens the Good Friday Agreement, and indeed there’s a number of people drooling  at the idea of society’s boundaries being put to the test as what was once deemed abnormal is increasingly normalised as after all, Nazi Germany didn’t appear fully formed when people woke up one morning.

Now I’m not saying we’re heading that way, but we are heading (in the US, UK and several other nations) towards a hard right (though there’s a growing left) authoritarianism and on the whole we’re sleepwalking towards a harder, more fractured society yet we’re not up in arms against the people, and organisations, facilitating it? We appear unable to learn from history or to have the moral or intellectual courage as nations and people to fight what can still be stopped.

Brexit breakdown continues

So Theresa May survives a vote of no confidence after her historic defeat last night in the Commons over her deal for leaving the EU. In short, the worst, most incompetent Westminster government in my lifetime remains because the worst, most incompetent official opposition has only started taking the fight to the Tories, and the DUP keep May afloat by scooping up large sums of budget while ensuring the Northern Irish government remains disassembled.

Where we stand now is that May will meet with Corbyn, Blackford and other party leaders in an attempt to hammer out a compromise. I feel it is my duty to remind people that the Scottish Government presented a compromise, and indeed, the basics of a plan back in December 2016 which was rejected sight unseen by the Tories.  There is also the fact that unless the UK drops some of its red lines the deal which was rejected is the best deal we’re getting, and we’re heading towards a no deal unless enough MP’s in the Tories and Labour join the fairly unanimous support for a second EU referendum from the other parties. However May won’t budge and Corbyn has a history of not once changing his mind politically so in short; we’re fucked.

Which is another good time to remind people of this.

So, just over two months til we leave. Good luck everyone and remember to stock up on tinned goods…

Brexit will kill people

I’ve said before as to how Brexit will kill you, and as he enter the last weeks before the UK leaves the UK, it becomes clearer that any form of Brexit is going to cause disruption. It already is, and people are losing jobs as companies scale back, or worse, go out of business. That isn’t even including those companies or even countries, that have scrapped plans to invest in the UK because of Brexit. Then there’s the fact immigrants no longer want to stay or come so the UK’s working population grows older, and we lose not just skilled staff & the taxes these people paid, but we lose friends, partners, lovers and fellow human beings chased out of a country which no longer welcomes them.

Which brings us to today. Brexit is becoming a hard reality for people now as this thread outlines.

There’s a young woman terrified of what may happen to her, and the chances of people quite seriously dying, or seeing their condition worsen to the level where they’re made invalid for example.  If you read the comments under the Tweets you’ll find Brexiters, from the right and the left, calling this ‘Project Fear’, or airily waving their hands saying they’ll be fine of course.

Truth is, unless you’ve managed to score yourself your own supply of drugs nobody is safe. Disrupt the ‘just in time’ supply chain with no plans to replace it and you’ll have shortages, plus the practical thing of actually getting drugs into a country which can’t process vehicles into its borders because Kent’s turned into a giant car park.

Of course all of this is still avoidable but neither Tory or Labour leadership have any intention of changing path from Brexit so unless by some shocking surprise May’s deal passes, we’re leaving theEU with no deal and the shit will hit the UK over the month of April, probably longer as it’ll take months, realistically years to even try to repair the damage. People are losing jobs now, and come leaving, lives will be lost.

So every single MP who voted for Article 50 to be invoked when the UK had no plan or idea of what it wanted out of an exit deal except it rejected the EU’s four freedoms, specifically freedom of movement.We’ve got to face the reality that at that moment the only deal available to us would have been an awful one, but we had no give in these negotiations. We weren’t prepared to compromise and with the EU making it very clear there’s no renegotiation of this, we’ve got to deal with the no deal that’s coming. And that’s why every MP who voted for Article 50 to be invoked, and every commentator cheering that on is going to have not just the wreckage of people’s lives on their hands, but blood. Fuck ‘the will of the people’ or ‘we were whipped’ or any other of the cowards answers. People voted for that knowing well it was an awful decision but abdicated their duty to protect their constituents

Remember, all of this is avoidable.All of this is insane. All of this is being forced upon people in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar who all voted against Brexit. All of this born in xenophobia and a weird form of British exceptionallism that sees England or a mythical form of Britain, ruling the world or being a major figure but there’s no empire left to ravage Seeing as we’ve shown we can’t be trusted, we’re not going to be ‘forging a new and special relationship’ with the world that especially benefits us.

With less than three months to go, we’re increasingly fucked. Things may change, but I doubt it so be prepared and be ready for what’s coming, and remember when the smoke clears to hold those people responsible to account for the damage they’ve done.


Brexit enters the world of Papers Please

There’s a game called Papers Please. It’s a great game set in a totalitarian country which forces you as the player to challenge your own morality as you start trying to fight the system, but soon end up sending people to labour mines because they’re immigrants.

During the Christmas holidays the UK government decided to release plans to charge, screen and classify EU immigrants living in the UK after Brexit next March 

Of course the idea to charge people £65 who’ve lived here in some cases since they were a baby is going down with EU27 nationals as well as one would expect, with many online just going ‘fuck it’ and deciding to move out the UK. Many aren’t able to so they face having to pay for themselves, and their children because the UK is now a country that classifies and screens children for ‘criminality’

We’ve crossed a line. Even The Sun realises that. Of course The Sun is one of many reasons we’ve got such a poisonous debate on immigration but they grasp where things go from here.

The problem is that for all those speaking out there’s more sitting on their hands doing nothing or who support this because Brexit unleashed all this ethnic English/British nationalism which is leading to what is a purge of immigrants. Of course anyone that’s followed Theresa May’s career will not be surprised as for eight years she’s made it clear she despises immigrants and immigration, though obviously not of the wealthy oligarchs we see still coming into the UK.

What happens next lies in our hands. There’s talk of civil disobedience as people refuse to be put through this screening but the issue is a government and official opposition so locked into the idea of Brexit that properly challenging one aspect like this is challenging the entire fucked up process. The Tories are leading us into a dark, terrible place and every single MP who voted to invoke Article 50 helped enable them even attempt to create this neo-fascist state they’re trying to build.