Britain is broken and people are too scared to admit it

There’s a point today that for many people summed up just how Britain is now in the world. It was the brief, and angry discussion between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker about how ‘nebulous’ May, and the UK as a whole, have been in regards Brexit. As many people predicted waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2016 the last few months in the run-up to the UK leaving the EU is utter and total carnage as the very democracy of the UK falls apart.

We have a Westminster government that’s lost the ability to govern. A PM who quite literally changes rules or runs away from things in order to protect her job, and her job is being threatened by a group of Tory MP’s with shadowy backgrounds led by Jacob Rees Mogg who is himself being backed by the far right. As for the far right, they’re empowered like never before but thanks to Brexit and the bullshit about ‘the will of the people’, nobody with any real power is interested in putting them back in their place bar anti-fascist groups.

Meanwhile we have an official UK opposition desperately triangulating in order to scoop up Remain and Leave votes, but Labour is led by a lifelong Leaver so is avoiding any chance of a general election til after the UK leaves the EU so he can avoid shouldering the blame for leaving. Like the Tories, Labour offer unicorns aplenty as do the People’s Vote, who although has a vast number of grassroots supporters has become clearer it’s offering Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar no way out should they again vote to remain and England votes to leave. Wales may switch sides but it’s devolved government is led by a staunch Leaver.

The EU have hit the end of their patience. They don’t want a situation where the UK leaves with no deal but they’ve been spending two years preparing for the situation so it’ll hurt but nowhere near as badly as it’ll hurt people in the UK. The short version as to how badly is basically people will die who don’t need to but because Brexit was never, ever about taking back control of trade (and imagine a UK trying to negotiate trade deals with all of the world in a few short months after this mess) but about English/British nationalism, the hatred of immigrants and British exceptionalism/colonialism that still places Britain at the centre of the universe.

But that went pop today. There is no return to Empire. The EU don’t need us more than we need them. They won’t change their minds. This is it. The UK voted to leave. Deal with it.For many of us that’s exactly what we’ll be doing for possibly the rest of our lives. Even an out of Scottish independence will be preceded by merry hell.

So merry Christmas. We’re fucked.The quicker we all admit it the easier it might be when the shite hits.


How British politics is tonight

Work out for yourselves which character is Brexiter, Remainer, Tory, Labour or whatever but the Tim Roth character bleeding to death on the floor is us poor bastards watching the utter fucking clownshow that is UK politics spew out daily insults to us.

Still, can’t get any worse. Well, til tomorrow at least.

Britain is in a time of insanity

The Tory government is in contempt of parliament. To put it mildly this shouldn’t happen and now it has we have a Pandora’s Box of constitutional problems which could end up with a general election happening before Christmas. Not that it’d sort anything out as should Labour get into power also have no idea how to stop this mess, but then again it’s clear their leadership want Brexit. In the meantime the government is on the verge of collapse, chaos reigns and the world looks upon us in sheer horror because this one thing missed by this cavalcade of wankers is we’ve got to deal with the planet who all think we’re contemptible racist bastards.

There is no way out of this that isn’t bad. At some point someone is going to have the guts to tell a large number of people they’re going to be fucked, and try to manage that. Pity we don’t have anyone of that quality in the UK Parliament. There is a lifeline, but I doubt it’ll be used.

At this time let us take a chance to remind us of the sage words of David Cameron from just before 2015’s general election…

Good thing we avoided that eh?

Brexit is fascism

There’s a recently released video essay from Ian Danskin about fascism, in particular white fascism, which is probably the best explanation of fascism you’ll see. It even makes clear the difference between the form of nationalism based upon self-determination and the type of nationalism that, well, Brexit has encouraged which is a form of British/English exceptionalism that plays on the myth that the British/English are a great race who haven’t been conquered who will win this fight with the EU because those pesky Europeans need us more than we need them.

If you think some of that is nonsense then look at comments from people like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and even buried in the rhetoric of the Lexiters (left wing Brexiters) are lines about ‘our people’ and this romantic, nostalgic vision of an English/British past (that never actually existed) that is of course, utter bullshit.

And that’s where we are. We have government, the official opposition, large chunks of business and a large section of the electorate supporting this because they think the pain and chaos coming will be worth it for whatever’s coming. There’s no plan or concept of how to make this work; it’ll just happen and voilà, we’re in a Golden Age where ”our people” will be free to make our own choices free from worrying about what Johnny Foreigner thinks.

This of course, is bullshit. All we’re seeing now is parlour games as Tories and Labour slap fish in each other’s faces while in the background the threat of chaos like we’ve never seen in peacetime is dismissed or ignored. Never has a country made itself mad like this but this is a once in a lifetime chance for the far right to rise and human rights to become a thing of the past. People’s actual concerns about a democratic deficit has been used to help facilitate this, but ultimately those who did vote to leave to get their voice heard will be among the first hurt badly by this act of self-destruction.

Brexit is fascism. We need to fight it because there’s no way to stop what’s coming afterwards without stopping Brexit.

If you have a Tory friend…

It’s been fashionable of late for folk to say they’d never have a Tory friend, and this has caused much outrage with Tories who can’t see why people wouldn’t want to be friends with the rape clause, Trident, austerity, supporting likes of themselves. I mean who hasn’t been monged to fuck on coke when you literally have the fate of millions in your over- privileged hands?

When one looks at a Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ruth Davidson, Boris Johnson, Ross Thompson, Michael Gove or Theresa May its easy to see inhuman monsters often hiding behind a carefully constructed media profile designed to hide what they really are, because they often are monsters. If this seems hyperbole, ask down your local foodbank or your disabled neighbour what they think of what the Tories have done. Contemptible people deserve all the contempt they deserve.

Yet there’s something wrong about people closing themselves off to those of the right who aren’t lunatics. The old social conservative types who still exist who don’t vote for the modern Tory Party, or indeed anyone that doesn’t derive from whatever form of political and idealogical purity drives you to fight potential allies or friends rather than the Tories. People need to be exposed to a variety of views and opinions, and sometimes you may be friends with people who have opinions different to yours or mine, but we should be able to talk to them without closing them off, climbing into safe spaces or failing to actually understand the basic rule in life that people think differently but they’re still people like all of us.

That said, there’s no excuse for extending the hand of decency to Tories. They gave that right up so it’s perfectly fine not to be friends with Tories, but not to just burying yourselves in your own personal echo chamber.

A view from the wanktrench

The writer David Quantick came up with the expression ‘wanktrench’ the other day.

It’s a wonderful expression for those people stuck hard in their echo chamber that it’s become a, well, wanktrench endlessly spouting wankery for whomever can be bothered listening. This seems to be the way society is going with people spouting wankery, increasing to cuntery from their muddy digital trenches, so there’s Lena Dunham talking wank,  Donald Trump talking nothing but advanced cuntery, and of course Brexit means we’ve got folk embedded in their sticky wanktrenches firing out volleys of wankery and cuntery  from Theresa May’s Brexit means Brexit, to Jeremy Corbyn’s jobs first Brexit to whatever racist wank the likes of Nigel Farage or Jacob Rees Mogg is pushing.

So be prepared for views from a wanktrench because we’re leaving the age of enlightenment for the age of wank and yes, I’m pissed off with it all.

The clanging chimes of Brexit doom

The Tory cabinet has agreed a draft withdrawal from the EU, so basically the shit that’s been coming since June 2016 is about to hit big time. Assuming Theresa May survives the week, this deal won’t make it through the UK Parliament as Brexiters on the right will vote it down and Lexiters on the left will vote it down as they want a no deal scenario, while everyone else will be put in the position of voting for a deal which is wank. As we’re running out of time (Article 50’s clock is ticking) there’s only a handful of possibilities left, with the two most likely being…

1/ Theresa May clings onto power til the spring when we leave the EU with no deal and merry hell breaks out.

2/ A General Election is called. Labour get the most seats but not a majority which they would have if they dealt with the SNP/Greens/Plaid but the Bain Principle is too strong, so they’ll say they’ll extend negotiations but they can’t. So as Corbyn wants to leave, merry hell will break out with another election likely shortly after this.

There’s one glimmer of hope. The Scottish Parliament launched legal action to see if Article 50 can be reversed unilaterally. That decision rests in the hands of the ECJ and we’ll find out on the 27 November. In short; we’re fucked unless the ECJ rules we have a chance to reverse this lunacy. If we can even then that requires leading figures in the Tories and Labour to reverse their lifelong opposition to the EU.

So, there’s a glimmer but really, we’re fucked. Of course those political leaders on the right and left won’t be but hey, who thought they actually cared in the first place?