The day after the People’s Vote March

Yesterday either a million or two million (depending on your source of information) marched through the streets of London united against Brexit. It was an astonishing coalition of left, right and centre which we’ve not seen since the march against the Iraq War in 2003 and from the air is a massive thing of awe.

What though did it achieve?

For one it broke the myth of ‘the people’ support Brexit that Theresa May and a number of Brexiters push, and push hard mainly because they know deep down the harm Brexit is causing and will cause for likely a generation. It’s a deeply authoritarian concept designed to keep down dissent so yesterday showed wonderfully how to peacefully protest and make the point that we’re not going to take this without a battle.

It also clearly rattled the two main Brexit parties as both Tories and Labour have tried hard to deflect from yesterday’ march with the Tories launching another leadership coup with the horrific idea of Michael Gove as leader, so therefore Prime Minister and Labour doing their best to ignore Brexit even exists as an issue as has been the case far too often over the last two years.

Truth is the aftermath of yesterday won’t be told today or tomorrow but if 2003’s protests are anything to go by then the real effects won’t be seen for some time yet, but a million people at least protesting in the streets changes things, and if you think these people are on the wrong side of history may I remind you again of 2003 when the protesters were well and truly proven right.


Good luck to everyone on the People’s Vote March today

Today is the People’s Vote March in London. Had I still lived in Bristol I’d be there today not because I agree with a second vote (at least not without some serious caveats to protect Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales from the decision of England) but because as many bodies as possible need to oppose what is a fascist takeover of the UK led by strict authoritarians.

Right now the crowds look huge so hopefully it matches or betters the protest against the Iraq War in 2003 when millions of us took to the streets. It needs to be because we need to make a stand, or we risk letting something awful happen which won’t be fixed easily.

If however you can’t make the march today then sign the petition to revoke Article 50 and add your name to the 4 million plus who have already put their name down. Click here to add your name.

One last act of defiance a week before Brexit…

A week to go. Theresa May has set everyone against each other. MP’s are either looking over their shoulders in fear of a far right attack, or are joining in with the increasingly authoritarian tone which is shaping this government, and indeed, the entire Brexit project. Meanwhile the leader of the opposition fails to oppose and the actual referendum itself was clearly the work of corrupt powers and dark money but we’re somehow locked into a death spiral by it because nobody in power has the courage to revoke Article 50 and end this lunacy.

So with the leadership of the Conservatives and Labour proving useless it has turned upon the people to protest by signing a petition to revoke Article 50. It isn’t much but right now but as I type this there’s 1.5 million signatures for a petition that’s been up 24 hours.

Sign here to add your name.

Click here to see how the petition is doing without causing stress on the servers.


Please sign. If we can get this into the millions then we can hopefully force our MP’s to act for the good of us rather than drive us into a cliff.

What the Christchurch shooting tells us

By now we’ve all seen the news and reports from Christchurch in New Zealand where nearly 50 people have been murdered by a far right neo-Nazi who’s name I won’t give anymore publicity to because in case you’ve missed it, here’s Charlie Brooker to explain why naming the Nazi killer isn’t a great idea.

But outwith of the killer who else is responsible for this massacre? Well, there’s the usual types screaming ‘LONE WOLF’ in order to deflect from their culpability in this, which of course isn’t the sort of things they’d do if this had been an Islamist which committed these killing rather than a white supremacist.

Islamophobia may now be treated with the same seriousness as all other forms of bigotry, and it may be a case that politicians like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson be held accountable for helping create a feeling among some that Muslims aren’t just ‘The Other’ but are disposable. Shouldering some of the responsibility falls also upon the commentators like Melanie Philips or Ann Coulter who’ve made a career out of hatred, while far right lunatics like ‘Tommy Robinson’ and Nick Griffin can feel warm that their campaigns in Rotherham have ended up with the consequence of ‘for Rotherham’ being written on one of the magazines the killer carried with him during the massacre.

Then there’s the British papers which have daily spun this sort of filth out for over a decade and a half.

It isn’t just the right to blame. The woke-bros on the left chipping in saying antisemitism isn’t as large a problem as Islamophobia are doing so knowing full well Muslims and Jews are the targets for the far right, plus these people’s rants falls right into the pyramid of hate.

Take a long look at that pyramid. We have politicians doing things which fall midway up the pyramid and things still haven’t been improved since Friday as the BBC invited on actual white nationalists to spout their shite unopposed.

The PM, government and people of New Zealand are showing the way here with an instant crackdown on guns plus taking care of the victims while making it clear this is not what New Zealanders are. This, sadly, won’t be the last such shooting but until we as a society accept Islamophobia is a massive problem and deal with the prominence of it in our culture and society then we won’t learn. It needs to be challenged, and we need to fight the increasingly powerful white nationalists which are gaining power and control or we’ll never see this war stop.

Only a fortnight til Brexit…

Theresa May is clinging onto power by the bones in her worn-out fingers. Her party is in tatters. Various figures plot to oust her whenever they can and the extremists of Brexit in her party lose what little patience they have as they see their chance to have what they think is the logical end of what Thatcher started in 1979. Meanwhile the party is riddled with racism, bigotry and cronyism. There’s no way back for the Conservative Party.

Jeremy Corbyn is desperate for power. So much so he’ll throw the vulnerable & immigrants under the bus in order to avoid backing revoking Article 50 which is now the only way out of this without causing more serious damage but is clearly a Brexiter who sees leaving the EU as the logical end of fighting Thatcherism. Meanwhile the party is split, and riddled with racism. There’s no way back for the Labour Party.

There’s two weeks to pull the plug on a ‘no deal’ which means we have to have something or we default to no deal and leave on the 29 March in chaos. Now the EU may give us an extension til the end of May or June but nothing longer. Of course anything can happen over the next fortnight but basically we’re fucked and both main Westminster parties have led us to this point as both want Brexit based upon outdated nostalgic visions of the past and history will not be kind to any MP who voted for Article 50 to be invoked not just without a plan, but without even caring there was no plan.

So in short; we’re fucked.

How the Momo Challenge showed the failure of the media

This week, something called ‘the Momo challenge’ caused panic across the UK thanks to an utterly irresponsible article in the Herald, which was then picked up like loose change across the UK’s media, which then seems to have prompted another worldwide panic. That’s right, I say another because last summer this was a thing and was thoroughly debunked by the online horror community. Here’s the splendid Reignbot outlining just how much of a pile of crap it all was.

And here’s Know Your Meme doing the same now in full updated detail. All of this information was online before the Herald article hit, but this didn’t stop loads and loads of parents being worried about something that doesn’t exist because it’s a myth, a meme or a Creepypasta or whatever your generation wants to call it.

What’s horrendous in all of this is that kids are killing themselves not because of a horrific sculpture by a Japanese artist but because of their mental health, and in among all this media-driven panic children’s mental health barely got a sniff.with media instead using the twin bogeymen of Momo and social media to drive fear into kids. Kids and teenagers however have some great coping systems so with the help of no irresponsible adults, they’ve been doing wonders to make something that is a disturbing image into something nice and fun.

Of course the media won’t learn its lesson and will carry on spreading these stories, as will parents who can’t even Google to see what’s going on so next time round there’s a moral panic more kids will be needlessly scared all because the media in its drive for clicks and views can’t engage some critical thinking to factcheck these stories, not until the panic is in full bloom at least.

We should expect more from the media, and from parents easily to panic, but thank fuck the online generation took this into their own hands to detoxify and debunk because the established figures of authority weren’t doing it.