Jeremy Corbyn comes to Scotland

Today the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been in Scotland showing once again he knows more about Central America than he does about a country he may potentially be Prime Minister of in a month. There’s several main problems with Corbyn in Scotland; the first being he still doesn’t know what is, and isn’t devolved. Just saying ‘I want to invest £70billon in Scotland’ seems great, but it ignores our democratic deficit as well as ignoring the fact that money would I assume be given to Holyrood, so it isn’t for him to spend.

This is dreadful stuff as by now he should be able to string together more than throwing money at us, while wearing a cheap tartan scarf because you know, Scotland. We’ll like that sort of thing as he pats us on the head…

But it is over the subject of a second Scottish independence referendum that he fails hopelessly. Now remember, there is a triple lock of a democratic demand for it. PRo indy parties won the last Westminster and Holyrood elections, and Holyrood itself has voted for one. Corbyn, etc talks of ‘allowing’ us a referendum, maybe, perhaps, possibly in his second term when he’ll have dragged us out the EU, and the mad auld bastards that surround him will have won. You don’t ‘allow’ an equal, that’s something only a powerful ‘partner’ does.

Corbyn however cannot give a clear answer. One minute it’s not going to happen, next he can’t rule it out. Even a sympathetic Scottish press corps can’t help but despair at Corbyn’s snapping back about failing to maintain a clear position.


And now Labour are pumping out ‘Tartan Tories’ lines as if the last 45 years never happened, because this is Labour in Scotland. Trapped in the past unable to relate, stuck in ideology, unable to relate. So now we have Corbyn’s comments being rightfully laughed at while all the time the Tories are pissing themselves laughing.

Which is the problem. See, Scotland needs independence because partly we can ensure the Tories never get their claws into Scotland, but because some middle class psuedo socialists within Labour see us as only drones, we’re to be doomed to this thin gruel from a leader supposed to be the resurrection of Labour in Scotland.

That isn’t to say the SNP are a perfect solution (more about that another time) but this is intolerable but tomorrow when Corbyn heads back down south to a more comfortable audience, he’ll forget about Scotland yet again.



Five years since Scottish independence was lost.

Five years ago today Scotland voted to stay in the UK and it all went to fucking hell afterwards. The Unionist promises worked and people decided that remaining in the UK would preserve our place in the EU, protect jobs, the NHS and give us the biggest, bestest devolved Parliament in the multiverse. Of course all the promises were bullshit and people very quickly realised they were conned, and those who didn’t felt like this chap at the start of the video here.

But the Yes vote got 45% based off the back of no mainstream media support. None of the main three Westminster parties wanted independence so they combined into one Frankenstein’s Monster called Better Together fought tooth and nail with Labour activists (many of these same activists now plead for a second referendum on Brexit) telling pensioners their pension would be gone or they’d not get blood or tissue transplants, but even with that Yes got 45%. The majority of the English left failed to remember their internationalism or the meaning of solidarity so decided to campaign for perpetual Tory rule upon Scotland, and the entire force of the UK establishment came down on Scotland.

And the Yes vote still got 45%.  Five years on that fact is still remarkable. A campaign built on people battering the streets, chapping doors and going where ordinary politicians never would, scared the living hell out of the British establishment. Five years on, Brexit is here, and polls are slowly shifting for Yes as people realise just what the British state is, what Brexit really means and how Scotland’s place in the world is under serious threat as is its hard won parliament. No wonder the Unionist side are in clear terror because imagine what’ll happen in a campaign where Yes has more support from people who realise the UK is over and the future lies in the four nations of the UK independently working together leaving behind the trappings, and crimes, of the past for a new, fresh start in a safer world.

Or we can become independent to be an island of sanity on an island full of lunatics.

End of the day it’ll be our choice. Five years later it lies with us. Let’s not fuck it up next time.


The UK is utterly fucked.

A kakistocracy according to Wikipedia means…

A kakistocracy is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens

Yeah, that pretty much sums up where we are today. This week has shown how fucked we are, which isn’t to say we weren’t warned. We were warned by people three years ago that the EU referendum would end is carnage as the government would be faced by whatever deal the EU would give us thanks to the red lines of the UK, or walking away with no deal. Of course, the Brexiters (and Lexiters because they’re also sharing responsibility for this)  lied about a ‘Norway type deal‘ they had no intention of pushing for if the referendum had been won.

No, the referendum was forged on blood and soil nationalism mainly by the right, and the left leavers who in the end provided the thin majority Leave had. Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and all the other bastards drooling right now about getting the supreme power no government should have are in a good mood because they’re weeks away from getting what they want, and what comes after that will be a living hell for many of us.

True, opposition parties did finally get together this week only to be outplayed by Boris Johnson proroguing parliament to force through Brexit without any debate, which again, was on the cards according to many months before Johnson became PM. It is a massive gamble, but we know that the last time Johnson was involved in a massive gamble, he won. However had Jeremy Corbyn not been clearly pushing for Brexit for years before realising where it would actually lead (and he still clearly thinks it to be a good idea, just not done by the Tories)  under Johnson, and Jo Swinson not acted like head girl and demanded everything, we might have had some unity when other opposition parties have been struggling to unite the opposition against Brexit.

And there’s also the point that every single MP that voted for invoking Article 50 knew no deal was the default, as well as they knew the UK’s red lines were impossible for the EU to budge on and that we’d end up with a real chance of leaving with no deal. Every one of those MP’s are responsible in part for where we are but the main culprits are those behind the leave campaign who are benefiting from this. We know the referendum was corrupt and we know the UK’s electoral commission is an absolute bag of shite just as we should know by now the UK’s democratic systems aren’t fit for purpose in the 21st century. Leavers knew that, hence why they’re winning and we’re still making twee signs to wave at demonstrations in the hope the Guardian prints the picture.

Fuck that. The time for niceness is over. We have unfit people running the UK leading us into a very British form of fascism based upon nostolgia of a time, and of a people, that never existed. I’ve mentioned Umberto Eco’s essay, Ur-Fascism before  but now if you read it, and tick off Eco’s 14 signs of fascism, the UK ticks every single one. This is where we are.

It will get worse. Johnson isn’t a final destination. He’s more of a Moses figure to bring what comes next because we know Johnson fails often, and that his allies now will happily cricify him when needed. Nigel Farage talks of a forthcoming Tory/Brexit Party alliance, which of course would place Farage in a safe seat, then a place at the cabinet table. Where do you think we’ll go when the UK government is effectively a UKIP government having its strings pulled by disaster capitalists and the likes of Putin and Trump?

Which is why the time for polite protest is over. Fucking fight. Take to the streets. Shut stuff down. Make it uncomfortable for those in power. Don’t go into the night quietly because we know where this sort of thing leads and right now, where we end up will be something many of us won’t survive.

A week changes everything in the Scottish independence debate

Around a week ago there was the by now, usual stalemate in regards Scottish independence. Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister had made independence seem better for so many people but there was no sign of Nicola Sturgeon or her government pushing for the referendum many of us in Scotland are dessperate for. Then a new Ashcroft poll was released and since then merry hell has broken lose as the momentum is clearly towards a yes vote.

In around a week carnage has broken loose with the Unionist side in a sheer blind panic not knowing what to do. Rumours of private Tory polls swirl around with these polls showing what Ashcroft revealed, and of course Labour come wading into the debate again pushing the same lines they did in 2014 but the difference is no, few are listening. In short,  they’re scared shitless.

On the other side the Yes Movement’s divides are open and bleeding, but frankly, it needs to be done. There’s always been an awkward divide between the West of Scotland intelligentsia and the mass of working class  Yes supporters which previously was shown up with RISE, who claimed to offer an ‘alternative’ to the SNP and Greens but ended up being typical champagne leftists whose support for independence buckled when Jeremy Corbyn fluttered his eyes at them in the 2017 election.

Then this weekend gone, Wings Over Scotland said that they’d be running candidates in the 2021 Scottish elections, and seeing as Stuart Campbell is equally hated by those on the Indy and Unionist side then as you can imagine social media has become a quagmire. However the plan to target only certain seats with Unionist MSP’s is quite attractive partly as it’d hurt the amount of Unionist seats but show there’s a willingness in the Yes movement to take the fight to the enemy as it were. I’m no supporter of Campbell’s personal views outwith of independence but I fail to see anyone else stepping up to do the job he does. He’s far more effective and frankly, if we go into the next referendum playing nice we’re fucked.

But there’s a clear divide between ‘polite’ Yes supporters and the mass of mainly working class supporters who’ve in many cases never supported anything political in their lives. Now as someone who went around political circles in their youth that divide comes from the old SWP days where thet’d look at the working class as people to manipulate and if they couldn’t they’d dismiss them. One of the wonderful things about the Yes movement is that there’s no SWP types at the helm to fuck things up as they have Labour under Corbyn.

Fact is though that without there being an actual referendum to fight all the divides are showing, things are creaking as after all, some people in Scotland on the Yes side may want independence, but not right now while they’re building up their media or political career but the fact is the last few days have shown that independence is becoming a real prospect for many people who’d not have considered it previously and if we can’t become indepndent when Boris Johnson is leading the UK into a circle of hell all of its own then we don’t deserve alternatives like independence.

The Edinburgh Festival: ”a festival for cunts by cunts”

It is August so pity those year-long residents of Edinburgh who have all the media of the world, but mainly London, discharge over them like warm sick for a month as it’s the annual Edinburgh Festival everyone!

Now as a Glaswegian it is easy to mock the Other Place through emerald green eyes of jealousy  but when younger I used to love the festival visiting it often and enjoying the somewhat anarchic sense that this establishment art festival was also the home of genuine alternative comedy, drama and so on.  Then in the late 80s (as regular readers of this blog know)  I moved to England swanning around the East Midlands, London and Bristol so I only observed from afar what was going on.That is the selling out of the Festival to corporations and the wholesale change of Edinburgh (well, the bits you might see on the telly) from a vibrant capital city to a playground for the wealthy and for tourists.

Now many cities are doing the same. I’ve blogged about how Bristol’s mayor and council are cleansing (a word I don’t use lightly) the poor from areas like Stokes Croft for a younger, wealthier crowd  There’s no money to be made from the poor so they’re shunted to out of town estates with shite infrastructure and a feeling of being robbed as their former homes are sold to private landlords who’ll make a mint from turning it into an AirBNB.

Edinburgh is no different. People are being priced out including the artistic community who don’t have access to a trust fund or their parents expenses account. Art is being commercialised, sold to corporations and rebranded back to us as lifestyle choices or ‘experiences’ that are mere shadows of what the real thing used to be but just edgy enough to appeal to the middle class leftish liberals who flood the city like Stepford nuclear families.

So, this brings me to one of Scotland’s newer media and politics commentators, Bonnie Prince Bob, and his thoughts on the festival. It needs to be watched because this isn’t something restricted to Edinburgh as said, but it would be a fucking shame to see that city wrecked.

Scottish independence won’t just be won by nuance and persuasion

The weekend saw hundreds of thousands of pro-independence supporters march through Glasgow in the sort of display that reminds the Tory government and the pro-establishment media that there’s a real appetite for Scottish independence, especially with Brexit stinking everything up with the rise of far right populists like Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson. So you’d expect the SNP especially to be happy, except the Sunday Herald decided to print an article critical of ‘Cybernats’. Which is not the first time this has happened.

So since Sunday, Scottish Independence supporters of all types have been endlessly arguing online about how ”Cybernats” should moderate themselves to the point where opinions become only worthwhile if voiced only by certain folk in the political class, or Scotland’s amazingly fucked up (yes, I know, language!) media class, or those in the Indy movement who look upon grassroots organisations like All Under One Banner with suspicion and contempt because they welcome people of all political persuasions rather than whatever narrow persuasion owned by the person tutting loudly from their West End of Glasgow home.

In short, as the possibility of a second referendum draws closer, people are fighting for a level of control over a movement which is by far the most organic political movement not affiliated to a political party I’ve ever seen in the UK. For some in the SNP, Greens, and the media this has been an issue because as said, they don’t have control of things, so we now have this exceptionally manufactured outrage about how people speak and how they can essentially be controlled. Now like any large group of people there are people to avoid, and yes, there are those who are a pain who cause problems with their lunge towards conspiracy theory and worse. But I’ve never known any group to be so self-policing, especially considering that our opponents aren’t and don’t care about any offence they cause to people. You do not see Ruth Davidson, J.K Rowling, Jeremy Corbyn or any leading British Unionist politician or media commentator decrying the way many of their supporters are misogynist, homophobic, Holocaust deniers and worse.

And we’re stuck now on this eternal loop where we’re expected by some on our own side to play nice, which is a bit like asking someone to bring a stick of celery to a knife fight. You as a reader may not like folk like Wings Over Scotland, Wee Ginger Dug or the parade of Scottish bloggers who don’t just conform to media and political standards, but these people are effective in winning arguments or debunking the bullshit of a mainly Unionist media and establishment.

What I’m basically saying is this debate (for the sake of a better, ruder expression) has been a waste of time and energy which should have been used to motivate people after the independence march in Glasgow at the weekend. The supposedly independence supporting  Sunday Herald should be actually supporting independence rather than working out how to alienate what few readers it has left, and those SNP politicians giving them fuel need to remember that people can be voted out as well as voted in. The SNP may be the only real way towards independence but there’s nothing to stop people giving their vote to the Greens, or if people are members, protesting from within.

This is not the time for the Indy movement to again be going through this level of self-inspection when Brexit looms constantly and the far right are a sliver away from gaining actual real power in the UK. Do we really want to say that we failed to win independence because we were too busy arguing about the right way to speak to keep a minority of people (some of whom I’m not entirely sure want independence as it’d ruin their career path/business plan) happy?

Nah, fuck that.

Scottish independence is coming, slowly…

For a while now supporters of Scottish independence have been a tad frustrated with the lack of any progress during the increasingly chaotic, not to mention insane, period that is Brexit and all the frothingly mad xenophobic English/British nationalism which comes with it.

Well at last there’s some movement with Nicola Sturgeon making it clear the mandate her party & the Scottish Parliament has for a second referendum will be used in the lifetime of this parliament, so by 2021. For some that’s waaaay too vague a timeline, but for a vote to be held we need to know what the status quo of the UK is. Right now that’s a choice between a deeply racist and xenophobic Brexit favouring disaster capitalists favoured by the likes of Rees-Mogg and Farage, not to mention Theresa May and most Tories, or a slightly less racist but still xenophobic Brexit favoured by disaster socialists like Jeremy Corbyn or George Galloway. Both offer Scotland nothing, and both involve closing Scotland off from Europe and the planet as both plans are structured round accepting the referendum result, racism and all, rather than fighting against what was only an advisory referendum.

There’s a lot which also needs to happen. Neither a Tory or Labour government are going to grant a Section 30 order (essentially transferring power to Holyrood making the referendum legal and binding) easily if at all, and the full force of the British establishment will rain down upon Scotland as it did in 2014. But make no mistake, win this and Scotland can make all its own successes and failures without clinging onto the coattails of the British state. Lose it, and Scotland faces a generation at least denied any sort of respite because it’ll be punished and asset stripped to pay for the failed promises of Brexit and for being pro-EU/immigrant. We can argue about what type of independent nation we can be once we win the ability to make that decision, plus we’ve also got to remember we’re not in a fair fight so some on the harder left of the movement need to realise this.

So sign the official petition. Show support. Vote for pro-indy parties in the EU elections, so that’s the SNP, Greens and SSP. All others are a vote for the British establishment & (barring the Lib Dems to be fair) are a vote for a party strongly supporting Brexit.

Good luck. We’re all going to need it but at the end of this we could be getting something special indeed…