Fuck off 2016

2016 has been a bastard of a year. From David Bowie’s death, through to my own stroke and then cancer, and then to top it off (as things weren’t bad enough) I suffered a slipped disc, the year has been bad enough, but with Brexit, the deaths of not just celebrities, but actual idols of myself culminating with Carrie Fisher’s death (and as I write this there’s still two days left of 2016 so there’s plenty of time for an Iggy Pop or someone like that to go) and in three weeks time Donald Trump becomes president of the USA.

I’m done with 2016. It has been unremittingly shite with the odd patch of alright for much of the year. Thankfully this year is done. We can look back at it and be glad it has finally fucked right off.

Merry Christmas everyone, with some exceptions…

Merry Christmas everybody, apart from Donald Trump.You can fuck off, and Nigel Farage can develop a painful bowel condition. Theresa May and her band of psycho Tories can march into the sea, and if Piers Morgan pops his clogs by Hogmanay then the hordes of worthwhile people we’ve lost in 2016 are somewhat balanced out.


Still, it is Christmas, so apart from the Brexiters, the Trumpettes, the xenophobes, the arseholes and the Daily Mail readers, have a great day. Here’s a wee treat for you too…

There’s one month left of 2016, surely 2017 can do better?

2016 has been utterly horrific unless you’re a UKIP/Donald Trump supporter who hates celebrities like David Bowie, Prince, Victoria Wood and Leonard Cohen. Brexit is a disaster that nobody knows how to make it work and Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump. We’ve had a bad, bad year and personally this is by any definition, the worst year of my life.

So we’re all looking forward to 2017 right? Dial that joy back a second. The lawyer David Allen Green makes this point…



Say Hello to 2016


Fuck off 2015, you were crap. Hello the bright new dawn of 2016 and everything you may bring.

True, we do face the prospect of the USA giving the planet the Trumpageddon and 2017 being an out-take from a Mad Max film but assuming America actually doesn’t vote for a fascist demagogue. Of course the situation in Syria could explode into something more than a modern version of the Cold War, and if these things don’t happen the Tories will be driving more people to despair.

But putting that aside for a minute there’s a lot of positivity for the forthcoming year. Perhaps the Yanks actually will vote for the lesser of two evils, or perhaps Syria may right itself somehow and perhaps the Tories take a mild spanking in May, something George Osborne would probably enjoy. Maybe, just maybe it might be a year that works out for most people?

For myself the long-mentioned Plan A looks to be finally happening in probably February or March, so when it does they’ll be a short break from blogging as I embark on a bit of a change of scenery and that’s all to be said on that til things firm up once the Christmas and New Year period is out the way and normality is resumed.

So here’s to 2016! May it work out for all of you and yours….