The Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub in Leicester-An arrest has been made

A few months back I outlined what the fascist blog, The Daily Bale  had said and done when it made an extraordinary libel against the Globe pub in Leicester.

Today the Leicester Mercury has revealed that a 20 year old man has been arrested in regards to this. In unrelated news, the man behind much of the Daily Bale’s blog, Facebook and Twitter posts, Joshua Bonehill, is 20 years old.

So the suspect has been released on bail. Considering the weight of evidence again the Daily Bale I don’t see the suspect getting away with this one.

The Daily Bale Has Ceased To Be

After a few days where the Daily Bale again pushed their luck, it seems that Joshua Bonehill has decided to withdraw from publishing lies or accusing people of being paedophiles. There’s even the sight of Bonehill using Wood’s name to hide behind.


Of course anyone following the Daily Bale articles on this blog will know that deleting Tweets is academic when there’s screenshots showing that Bonehill is in fact, a violent, racist thug.


Of course this just smacks of hiding from the police investigation in the light of the race-bating hoax they circulated yesterday about a ”missing girl’ called Amy Hamilton, who didn’t exist. After the Croydon Advertiser ran the story that this was a hoax, the Daily Bale decided to attack Rachel Millard, a journalist on the paper. The Daily Bale have deleted the hoax, but I believe the withdrawal from spreading lies is down to this one last (hopefully) hoax.

The Daily Bale Crawls On & On & On

Joshua Bonehill’s lovechild, The Daily Bale has returned in a spewing mess of lies, not to mention the hilarity of Bonehill offering Billy Bragg out for a fight.


So the Daily Bale has been back for a day or two and it’s libeled Billy Bragg, spread more racist lies, and has had more attacks at disabled people. There’s no depths to which Bonehill and his decreasing circle of friends seem able to sink to but although there’s still police action looming, that’s not going to stop them from dishing out threats like this.


That’s another impending police complaint if Wood carries this threat through of course. There’s also a new name to this, one Charlie Fournel who seems to be part of this weird group of fascist freaks.

Anyhow, everyone should know the routine by now. Protest their Facebook page, Their Twitter page and their blog.  Repost blogs such as this reply from Nikki Pilkington to the libel she suffered from them, or this about the abuse that caused the Globe pub in Leicester to close.

The only way to drown these people out is by telling the truth, and doing it in a manner that drowns out their insanity. So spread the word about the lies and let the truth be told.

A quick Daily Bale update

This is just a very quick word about the Daily Bale in the week or so since there was any activity from  Joshua Bonehill.

There’s been nothing from him in a week, no Twitter activity. No activity on their blog. No Facebook activity as far as I can see, however there is some interesting information on this Facebook page which seems to show a conversation with Bonehill where he suggests the money he stole from the Lee Rigby charity was his for frankly amazingly obtuse reasons.


Also, one of their last conversations on Twitter was with a member of the Orange Order, so we have the simply hilarious sight of bigots attacking bigots. One hopes they wipe each other out, but until they do I assume the Daily Bale is quiet because the police, or the EDL, or one of those they libelled have caught up with them  Bonehill is having to try to get out of the mess he created.

The Daily Bale is being investigated for their latest hoax

I blogged yesterday that the Daily Bale has returned after a week or so to carry on their hateful campaign of libel under the pretense of ‘new owners’ when in fact, it’s still clearly Joshua Bonehill  running the thing.

Yesterday they posted this story about a baby being beaten up by an ‘Asian yob’ in Teesside. It’s a complete and utter hoax that’s now under investigation by Cleveland Police, and has been discredited even by EDL, UKIP and others on the far-right as being a lie.

This however does mean yet another legal investigation into Bonehill. These investigations are mounting up and if they’ve got any sense then they’ll close Bonehill down as soon as possible.


Bonehill,  or one of his decreasing circle of friends have just done this.




The posts have been reported.

The Pitiful Return of the Daily Bale

A week or so ago it looked as if Joshua Bonehill had finally closed down the Daily Bale and his lies had stopped. His victims had started legal action, and even the EDL, UKIP and others from the far right had washed their hands of Bonehill, and the Daily Bale.

Sadly they’re back.

Though they are still pretending there’s been no legal action and have a ‘team’ when in fact they just list a load of aliases.

Why is the Daily Bale currently on hiatus?

We’ve unpublished the Facebook page and have changed our twitter account in order to calm things down after the storm, there has been much fighting, accusations and hate thrown at us for exposing some of these vile people and we still stick with what we believe. The British Patriot Society for instance posted out a message on their facebook page telling people to report us. It’s no coincidence that one of the Manager admins of the British Patriot’s society is friends with Left-Wing spy and infiltrator Maggie Chapman. Did Maggie whisper into Sara’s ear and tell her to make that post? We’ll probably never know.

Either way, it’s sensible for the time to remain on this hiatus whilst we resupply and rearm the Daily Bale team to prepare for Phase III which is coming very soon.

Phase III?

Yes, the Daily Bale has been around for 3 different incarnations run by several different teams. At first we were based on Facebook and our pages kept getting reported by Left-Wing scum and subsequently taken down which is why we moved to wordpress for Phase II. Now having solidly cemented ourselves on this wordpress blog, we are ready to attack at any given moment.

The Team currently stands as:

Terrance Barlington

Sophia Baldacci

Steven Sodholmy 

Theodore Pimpleton

Gary Raytes

Ajax Somerton

Steven Giles

Edward Clarry


We know for example that ”Theodore Pimpleton” is a fake name used by Bonehill, as are most of the others. As for this…

Further to much speculation that somebody from the Daily Bale may have been arrested or taken to court from previous articles, this is clearly false and again is more propaganda created by the Left-Wing. The police are not even investigating us and we’ve been in touch with them to smooth everything over.


Doesn’t match up with anything like the truth. At last count the Globe pub in Leicester, their owners Everards and the Leicester Mercury were either taking, or considering legal action. The idea of the police dismissing the sort of libel Bonehill has been putting out in ludicrous.


Nikki Pilkingson, the woman who stole from lee Rigby’s grave also hit back at us this week and denied claims that she had in fact stolen the items. We don’t understand why people would believe her as the police have already arrested this vile and problematic woman. 


Is a lie. Pilkington has not been arrested. This is actually continuing their libel.

The whole idea that there’s been some shake up of management, and that they’ve tidied things up with the police is fantasy as is their last paragraph..

Please remember that the Daily Bale is always here to stay, whilst we may currently be on hiatus we will be back, bigger and stronger than ever and ready to face off any political perverts who come to attack us. Most of us have been fighting Left-Wing Extremism for the past 25 years in Manchester, we’re not weak in the knees.


I’m willing to bet that what’s happened is that Bonehill’s had contact from the authorities, decided to lie low for a while and is trying to be as subtle as a delusional fascist can be. Bonehill is still editing people’s replies and posting their IP address which is something he’s been reported for doing, and has just been reported for again.

Reading the comments did lead me to look at Middleton Strong’s Facebook page and one post there stands out.



Unfortunately Bonehill continues to libel people and appears not to care, but he’s dug himself a very, very large hole that’s now impossible for him to get out of but he’s intent to go down fighting, and of course, running away with a charity’s money.

Nikki Pilkington Replies to the Daily Bale’s Libellous Insanity

ImageBefore I get to Nikki Pilkington’s reply, it’s probably best to do a quick timeline of what’s happened over the last fortnight since the Daily Bale, and it’s creator Joshua Bonehill caught my attention, so here we go.

The Daily Bale made up a piece of libel against the Globe pub in Leicester.

I asked the question as to who the Daily Bale was and attempted to answer it.

The Daily Bale continued to libel the Globe.

Some thoughts on the Bale’s campaign of fascist insanity.

The libel thrown against Nikki Pilkington.

All this takes us up to date where it looks like the police have acted to shut Bonehill down, which considering the scale of his libels, not to mention the threats he was chucking out probably means that if found guilty then he’s facing a custodial sentence.  I don’t think that unless you’re a hardcore EDL supporter, or one of the fascists Black Shirts who hung onto his every word they’ll be many tears shed.

Anyhow, one of Bonehill’s victims, Nikki Pilkington has spoken out and in doing so has given a bit more context as to why she was attacked.

Please give her blog a read here and if possible, please repost, retweet, or spread this story to counteract the lies which the Daily Bale spread. It’d do a lot to help repair the damage Bonehill and Wood did.

As for the Daily Bale, and Bonehill, there’s been no news. I am however looking at the  local papers in the hope that I’ll read his name as being charged with multiple offences…..

Have the Police Caught Up with the Daily Bale?

In the last few hours there’s been some activity, or actually, lack of activity from the Daily Bale’s blog and Twitter feed. The person behind it, Joshua Bonehill, is suggesting there’s been a ‘buy out’ of his blog and it’s under new management because it wasn’t him guv, honest.


The ”SB” is supposed to stand for Sophia Baldacci, but that Twitter feed is now closed,


Judging by the lack of activity from Bonehill, I’d say they’ve had the police and the relevant authorities in touch and they’ve tried this desperate line in order to try to slide out of the shitstorm which has been brewing for them over the last weeks.

Good. They haven’t a leg to stand on legally and I expect a lot of people are much, much happier knowing that this fascist mouthpiece is quiet.

The Daily Bale’s Latest Piece of Libel

Not content with libelling the Globe pub in Leicester, or spreading stories in order to whip up racism, we have this piece of astonishing libel against someone called Nikki Pilkington.

After a nation stood united in grieving against the loss of Hero Lee Rigby who was murdered by Islamic extremists in Woolwich, Nikki Pilkington from Irthlingborough took the opportunity to steal from his grave

Labour Party activist and UAF spokesperson, Nikki Pilkington who runs the internet marketing business last night was named as the woman who stole from Lee RIgby’s Grave.

Again this looks like it’s come from the fingers of Joshua Bonehill, the failed Tory councillor, convicted thief and clearly a disturbed little mind.  Why however has he decided to libel Pilkington, post her personal details in order to whip up a vendetta against her which may or may not, have resulted in her website where she runs her business being suspended.


Pilkington works in marketing and seems to have no connections to any major party or UAF, let alone having stole anything from Lee Rigby’s grave which is in Bury, and Pilkington lives in Bedfordshire. So it looks like the sort of insane troublemaking that the far-right do, with that same darkly unpleasant hints of threat and violence we saw with the Globe piece for example.

I’ve messaged Pilkington on Facebook about the Daily Bale piece and made her aware of it. I hope no harm comes to her, her business or her family.

However in the interests of balance here’s what Joshua Bonehill looks like.


Here is his ”public figure” Facebook page with a massive 46 followers. His email is Go look him up. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the attention.


It’s around 10.30 on the 23rd August. The comments under the Daly Bale article are fucking vile, though I know that Bonehill edits his comments to make it look as if posters are making a supportive comment. A few however are directly linked to EDL supporters.


This is Gary England’s Facebook page. He clearly supports the EDL.

Here’s another comment,


Here’s Philly Kenneally’s Facebook page. He’s the sort of fascist our grandparents would have kicked out of this country several generations ago.Here’s his Skillpage profile. I’m assuming he’s Irish or has spent a large time living in Ireland and is noted on this Indymedia article as someone to keep an eye on.

Lastly for now, here’s Suzie Lawn’s comment.


Here’s her Facebook page.She’s a less obvious supporter of the EDL or UKIP, but looking at her groups it appears she’s a supporter of UKIP though possibly not a fascist.

There’s other posts there which are simply vile, but sadly Pilkington’s Facebook page is full of EDL supporters and the terminally stupid attacking Pilkington, but there is one comment which shines a wee bit of light into all this.


It’s clear that Bonehill is making this up in order to make Pilkington’s life hell, but if it’s true that she’s tried to expose Bonehill’s antics for the fascist intimidation they are, then I guess anyone else exposing him should expect similar treatment.

Then there’s the threats made by Theodore Pimpleton, who is probably Bonehill, that make it clear that The Daily Bale is going to indeed bully as many people as possible in this intimidating, but rather pathetic post.


It appears Pilkington is the sister of Maggie Chapman, one of Bonehill’s earlier victims in his increasingly deranged attacks, but a word of warning. Don’t post on the Bale site as he’ll use your IP to track you to a rough location (any comment made on a WordPress blog has it’s IP logged with the blog owner) which is probably how Bonehill has been increasing those he attacks online.


Then there’s just the plain outright threats as it becomes clear it’s Bonehill.






Looking at all this is appears that even UKIP and some EDL members have had their fill of Bonehill’s crazy fucked up antics. There’s still the fact that they’re being investigated by the police, not to mention The Globe’s lawyers were still promising legal action last I read. I don’t have any doubt that in the current climate over internet abuse that both will face the music over their increasingly insane rantings, but until they’re stopped they will continue to spout lies about anyone who they take a dislike to.

It’s worth watching Bonehill and some of the figures around him as they could end up being very dangerous indeed.


It’s now the next morning and Theodore Pimpleton is no longer on Facebook. There’s a comment from Maggie Chapman on this blog confirming that she is indeed Nikki Pilkington’s sister which puts everything in place. Also, Pilkington is taking legal action which is yet another thing for Bonehill to deal with as I reckon that’s at least four separate cases of Daily Bale articles heading towards legal action or police investigation.

Sadly,the comments are still coming and still actionable. This is from the Facebook page of Jimmy Anderson.


This is Terrance Barlington’s Facebook page.This may be a fake profile, but the owner is responsible for this actionable post.



The upshot of all this is that it appears a bit of UKIP/EDL (and the links between these two organisations blur in an awful lot of this) in-fighting which has resulted in Bonehill going way out to the far right as even the EDL isn’t fascist enough for them. In doing so they’ve got a following, not a large one, but enough to make trouble for any victim of their bile.

Luckily for their victims there’s a messy trail of their comments and the internet is actually a very hard place to hide, especially when even a bigot like Stephen Lennon, leader of the EDL speaks out against you to call you a liar.


See, the thing is it’s difficult to be this brave fascist leader if even other fascists, racists and bigots look down at you with sheer contempt.