The torment of Tommy Robinson

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, AKA ”Tommy Robinson” was imprisoned the other day after attempting to manufacture a race war by photographing people he shouldn’t during a trial. If ‘Robinson’ had done his homework and gave a fuck, he’d know this but he’s both an idiot and a martyr which makes him exceptionally dangerous when people’s critical facilities have been turned into jelly. Part of the reason for this is thanks to a concerted campaign by a mix of ethnic nationalists, neo-Nazis (or the ‘alt-right’ if you want to soft sell them) and other like-minded extremist groups (not to mention political parties aligning themselves with some or all of this in order to keep power) to change the course of Western democracies.

What’s concerning is that Robinson isn’t just someone to mock and sneer at, though having done that I can say it is fun, Robinson isn’t a Nick Griffin figure but actually seems to be the figurehead the hard/far right have been looking for.¬† Now the narrative of Robinson’s supporters is that poor wee Tommy was exercising his freedom of speech and the evil paedo loving state police arrested him to stop him uncovering a massive Muslamopaedophilijew conspiracy.

In reality Robinson was aware of what he was doing and as this post from The Secret Barrister makes clear, he knew that (having been warned previously) that trying to film the jury/accused. The narrative of the far-right also ignores the fact that groups like the EDL are riddled with paedophiles because for them, they want to carve a story that only Muslims, or people with different colour skin. Search Twitter or if you can stomach it, the far right forums and the idea of a race war is one that these people are positively tumescent about.

The problem is that although it’s easy enough to ignore, even mock Yaxley-Lennon and his followers, what is worrying is how his extreme views bleed into society so we have an openly racist UK government led by Theresa May deporting people because of their place of birth and ethnicity. We’ve got Ruth Davidson here in Scotland getting where she has by courting extremism while Donald Trump and his children cheer on racists and bigots from the safety of a computer screen so we’ve go extremism on the rise and that’s what scum like Robinson is looking to cash in on.

So as Yaxley-Lennon looks to prison to hopefully suffer, it is down to us to not just make it clear why he’s been sent down to counter the lies being spread, but make it clear that we’re not going to let the bastards win.

The return of the Nazis

2017 is going to go down as the year of a number of things but it will go down as the year the Nazis came back in force from America in events like Charlottesville to the ripples of Brexit. If you think I’m being hyperbolic have a read at this series of articles from journalist J.J Patrick about the rise of the Nazis. Its pretty worrying reading even if you have to admire the work behind the article.

That however is the tip of the iceberg. Buzzfeed this week published an amazing, not to mention scary article by Joseph Bernstein about how Milo Yiannopoulos, far-right site Breitbart, it’s editor Steve Bannon and an assorted group of Donald Trump¬† supporters, neo-Nazis, dregs from Gamergate and anyone willing to listen all united to form a movement that threatens the very idea of what a liberal democracy is in the 21st century. It’s an amazing read.

This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who has paid attention over the last few years, especially to Yiannopoulos who has transformed himself from an annoying prick on BBC,s Daily Politics to far right rabble rouser.

When we’ve got the likes of Nigel Farage or Katie Hopkins still being treated as mainstream, or when the fascism seen in Catalonia is defended then at some point we’ve got to admit we’ve got a problem because the far right are looking to radicalise children.

We need to question everything, look at news sources and treat some people with the contempt they deserve because there’s a fight coming where we need to decide not just what sort of countries we all want to live in, but what sort of planet we live on because the Nazis are back, getting into power, or powerful positions and we’ve let it happen too easily.

Hitting Nazis in the face is good for us all

At Donald Trump’s inauguration the ”Alt-Right” leader (or Neo-Nazi to decent people) Richard Spencer took a smack in the face. Here it is.


Now some people think it’s an awful thing; that in fact, it makes us as bad as the neo-Nazis Spencer represents. We should be better than cheering on someone being punched; even someone as clearly and obviously abhorrent as Spencer is while Trump supporters/Neo-Nazis are just angry with anyone that isn’t them.

So should we cheer on Spencer getting punched?

Oh fuck yes. We should be grinning like loons.

I don’t think violence works as a political weapon, but there is a line. When you out yourself as basically, a fucking Nazi, then we make sure you aren’t treated as normal. That in fact, you were firmly beaten decades ago and you won’t be tolerated as you’re a fucking Nazi! But ‘it makes us as bad as them’ say the sort of liberals used to re-Tweeting a harsh hashtag. No, it doesn’t. Again, once you out yourself to the world as a Nazi and you hide behind Donald Trump’s coattails in the hope of garnering some sympathy for taking a punch, then remember, this is what Spencer is about.

The far right re empowered like never before. They’re crawling out the woodwork and you can’t hide in safe spaces when that happens so you either fight back or tolerate it, and I’m not going to tolerate it as after all, there’s a rich tradition of smacking Nazis in the face.


I’m not saying violence is always the solution; it isn’t. I’m saying that if a Nazi like Spencer takes a hit in the side of the face then it follows a long tradition of hitting Nazis, and worse, since 1939, or 1941 if you’re from America.

Make no bones about this though, the time for tutting liberals are over, and we either take the fight up as the millions across the world did with the Woman’s March, or we give ground to the far right because if we don’t they’ll try to normalise what they are and that can never, ever happen as we know what happens when far right authoritarians gain control of power and of course, countries.

I hear you’re a a racist now America?

With just a few days to go before Donald Trump becomes president it becomes clear that as bad as things are for minorities, and indeed, all who aren’t earning enough to keep themselves afloat, are facing an America which is going to be very, very different very soon indeed.

In fact I think we should look to Father Ted for where things are going…

Harlan Ellison’s words will guide us in fighting Trump and Brexit

Anyone concerned by Donald Trump’s election, Brexit and the empowering of the alt-right (or neo-Nazis as they’re better known) should take note of the American writer Harlan Ellison.

Yes, we should listen to people who have been abandoned by the political system and neoliberalism, but we don’t tolerate people like Milo Yiannopoulos (who was exposed as an uniformed arsehole by Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News this week) or Nigel Farage’s bigotry, racism and attempts at rabble-rousing or dogwhistle rhetoric. We push them as well as their supporters to give informed opinions or we’re fucked.

Of course the media could have done their job so that far right mouthpieces like Farage, Trump and Yiannopoulos were given the scrutiny they deserved rather than being treated as ”good telly’ or a bit of a joke.Ignore Trump or Farage’s cry for ‘unity’ because what they really want is unquestioning populations letting them do what the hell they want.

So, when a Trump supporter or Brexiter guffs off, ask them what their informed opinion is. These people shift likes the sands but pin them down and pin them down hard to explain themselves and like Yiannopoulos, they’ll sit there exposed. Every little chip in their persona hurts them and if we’re to oppose them we need to hurt them by outlining how uninformed they all are.