A word of appreciation for the KLF’s ”Space”

I’m spending a lot of time recovering of late┬áso I’ve been thankful for Netflix and YouTube keeping me sane as I get better. One thing I do like about YouTube especially is that every now and then the recommendations throw up something amazing and yesterday it did just that.

Space is an ambient concept album recorded by Jimmy Cauty of the KLF in 1990 and it was meant to be The Orb’s first album, but when Cauty left The Orb he took the album with him. The album was released under the KLF banner in 1990 and sadly over the years has dropped down the back of the musical sofa to become a somewhat forgotten gem by me at least.

Until it pops up on YouTube.

I’ve not heard this in the 21st century, and the copy I had went walking with an ex girlfriend a long, long time ago so hearing it again after so long is amazing as it’s a truly astonishing work 26 years later. Yes, there’s been billions of crap ambient records since, but this is the wellspring for many of them to have badly copied what Cauty did here.

So enjoy a lost classic…