What I thought of War Stories 1-3


I decided to do the first storyline in Garth Ennis’s new run of War Stories for Avatar as a single review partly to go over the full story, but mainly because I missed the first issue and had to go back to it made more sense to review a three-part story like this.

This first story in this new series is called Castles in the Sky and features a typical Ennis war story of young men fighting wars (in this story it’s men flying B-17’s) they don’t especially want to be in. Sometimes these stories can be cliched but Ennis sticks by not so much a ‘War Is Hell’ attitude, but ‘war sometimes has to happen but it’s horrible, brutal and involves human beings dying brutally’. In the wrong hands this could be preachy and annoying but although Castles in the Sky isn’t one of the better war stories Ennis has told, it’s still a perfectly good story. It’s just a bit obvious in places.

Still, an average war story by Garth Ennis is still better than most from many other writers, especially these days when war is all too glamourised which is something Ennis never does.