I Absolutely Love You

Right now on BBC Four there’s a collection of David Bowie videos and performances which frankly is filling my poor wee heart with joy at a time when my poor wee heart needs filling with joy.

One thing I need to do is point out how the song Absolute Beginners isn’t just my favourite Bowie song of the 1980’s, but one of my favourite ever songs. It might be the lovely Julien Temple video which more than ever makes me long for a London, long, long gone that still existed up until the late 1980’s, early 1990’s. It’s the fact the song drips with the sort of emotion a person of any age can identify with. It’s the fact it’s the best thing to come out of a film that’s a total pile of shite.

No, Absolute Beginners is as far as I’m concerned the definitive love song of the 1980’s. It’s a song anyone else would kill to have written but Bowie put it out at a time when frankly, he was at a creative low so do do this song at that time is a remarkable feat.

So join with me and enjoy…….