My top 20 Comic Book films-19-The Crow

I did my top 20 horror and SF films last year, and found doing the lists to be more fun than expected, so in a massive bit of logic here’s my top 20 films adapted or inspired from comics. I need to point out I mean comics, not ‘superhero comics’ which is a lazy, and incorrect way to describe a wonderfully varied medium and it’d also cut out some bloody good films!

Previously, in this list at #20, X Men.

At #19 it’s The Crow.



Like an awful lot of the films on this list, especially ones based upon superheroes, this is a film which looks and feels very much of its time which isn’t saying it’s dated badly but this is early 90’s fairly low-budget filmmaking at it’s best. Of course the sad death of Brandon Lee during the making of the film has to be mentioned as it’s something that contributes to the general melancholy of the film.

Based upon the James O’Barr comic of the same name, it’s a simple enough tale of someone gaining superhuman powers to enact their revenge upon the people who murdered him and his girlfriend. It’s a pretty simple tale but it’s a effective one that’s well directed by Alex Proyas who went on to do the sublime Dark City, and really shows what he can bring to the story.

I wasn’t going to include The Crow in my top 20, but watching it again I was convinced by the performances of Lee, and the general feeling of loss that the film has. It’s a simple tale where the baddies are really baddies, and the goodies are really goodies. This works in what is a dark fairy tale for 90’s Goths and old romantics like me….

Next time, things get animated and heavy….