How comics have predicted the next Tory leader

Imagine a populist Conservative MP pitching fear and hate by demonising minorities on a relentless single-minded march for power that risks throwing the UK into eternal chaos and carnage? No, not Boris Johnson but Jim Jaspers from the revamped Captain Britain strip of the early 80’s as created by Dave Thorpe and Alan Davis, and latterly written by Alan Moore.

Of course it isn’t superheroes in Johnson’s case, but Muslims, or indeed any minority, but mainly Muslims as they’re easy targets and it plays to the Tory base, not to mention the folk following Nigel Farage into whatever circle of hell they’re destined for.

And before you think that an irrational hate-filled madman would really turn the UK into a charnel house for the most vulnerable may I remind you of the bodycount piling up thanks to austerity, and with Johnson planning to leave the EU with no deal therefore enabling the sort of poverty we won’t recover from for generations, if at all, then look at this. 

In short, we’re fucked but at some point back at the dawn of Thatcherism a few people in British comics thought of just how bad things would be come the age of the populist who doesn’t care about facts or reality. They just want to bend reality to their own will and of course, their own benefit which is why folk like Trump and Farage win elections, and now Johnson looks to be following in their paths to leap to electoral glory thanks to the worst opposition in memory and an electorate which has truly fell through the looking glass.

Today’s anti-Brexit cuck snowflake leftie propaganda

Today has been the 75th anniversary of D Day. So it’d only be a pinko leftie snowflake who’d use today to make a political point about Brexit!!

Eric Chardin was just 19 when he landed in Normandy. Now at the age of 94 he hopes the peace that followed WW2 will continue

“I can’t help feeling that it would be an awful shame if what we’ve gone to so much trouble to do, to collect the European big nations together, to break it all up now would be a crying shame,”


You mean someone who actually experienced the blood and guts of actual war thinks Brexit is a bad idea? I mean, it isn’t as if he’s served weekends in the territorial army or something like that!

Oddly enough Brexiters are pretty quiet on Mr. Chardlin’s comments as if being confronted by the living embodiment of everything they aren’t scares the hell out of them as his comments are entirely true. It took decades to build a mostly peaceful, mostly united Europe that now hasn’t faced a continent wide war in 74 years and now a small group of wealthy hard/far right populists, disaster capitalists and extreme lefties are all united to destroy the work of generations built on the corpses of Mr.Chardlin’s comrades.

So remember the words of someone who fought in WW2 never time some red-faced wank guffs on about how ‘we beat the Germans’ to his equally moronic mates. These are the people shitting on the legacy of those who sacrificed everything to free Europe from the sort of fascism we’re seeing a return of.

How scary is what’s happening with The Brexit Party?

For all of Nigel Farage’s obvious faults it would be churlish to deny that The Brexit Party has become a real force in an amazingly short time. Of course the BBC and ITV have given the party zero percent scrutiny but Sky News produced a quite astonishing, not to mention, scary report on Farage and the Brexit Party which should be watched by people struggling to understand what’s happening right now, and give those thinking there isn’t anything worse coming some pause for thought.

There’s a new Tory leader coming who if it isn’t Boris Johnson will still be an ultra-right wing Brexiter who will not only take the UK crashing out the UK,  but to preserve the future of the Conservative Party, will reach to Farage who will become part of the Tories. It would also not shock me to see him given a cabinet position as the Tories need to do something to stop their party from literally dying off and tapping up Farage ensures it survives in some bastardised form. Of course old school right wing conservatism will be dead to be replaced with ultra populist ethnic nationalism but the party would prevail.

But this is a possible future. Right now with the European election results due to be counted tonight, Farage will swing to victory in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland will reject him. The UK’s politics continue to fracture.

So watch this Sky report as it’ll be one of the few times Farage is held to account because the fawning starts.

Vote in the most important European elections in your life

Polls are open in this year’s European elections and if you’ve not been paying attention this is the one where if Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party sweep to victory then expect UK politics to shift so far towards extremism that’ll be difficult for the UK to ever turn back. With Boris Johnson’s ascension to Tory leader a formality we don’t have any other chance to make it clear at the ballot box that enough people stand against this.

In Scotland things are clear. A strong SNP/Green vote sends a message we’re pro EU and that we have no intention of falling behind Farage like England and Wales. England, sadly, looks like it’ll return a massive majority of Brexit Party MEP’s and that will not be good.

So get out today and vote. Try to make your voice heard before it becomes difficult to do so.

This milkshake fights fascists

Nigel Farage is the latest hard right neo-fascist to enjoy a cold milkshake as the people of Newcastle decided to protest him and what he represents. Other far right types have had the milkshake experience this summer so far, but by far it is Farage’s brittle reaction which shows no self-awareness that is telling. Remember, this is the man who dismissed the murderer of Jo Cox, has used the language of racism to whip up hate against minority groups and has said he’d take up arms himself.

Some are saying that this is wrong. That we should undo Farage by debate & this plays into his victim complex. The latter is partly true as Farage will use this to play the victim but those saying we should be tolerant of his views should heed the words of Karl Popper and his Paradox of Tolerance.

The increasingly tolerant society we’ve built up since the 1960’s is under threat because those who are intolerant don’t wish us to have such a society. They want  intolerance to grow and to do that means they have to be treated seriously and as equals. The minute that happens they dig in and in and in until we’re at where we’re at today.

So, let the milkshakes flow this summer…

Boris Johnson is probably the UK’s next PM

Theresa May has finally, and somewhat badly, announced how she’s eventually going to stand down but this is not a time to celebrate as next up is Boris Johnson. Sure, he might just be a candidate at the minute but realistically the Tories are so scared shitless of being made extinct by The Brexit Party and Nigel Farage, that they’ll elect someone many Tory MP’s hate and will lie his arse off to get what he clearly wants which is to be Prime Minister.

So Johnson will be the Ultra-Brexiter. He’ll pitch a hardline to the millions voting for Farage in the European Elections next week, and he’ll also I imagine throw a bone to Farage himself. Meaning he’s likely to throw him in as a candidate and the Brexiter takeover of the Tory Party will be complete.

For those of us in Scotland, we’d best get going before we’re drawn in any deeper to just exactly what is going to happen once a liar and and idiot, who also happens to be as populist and bigoted as Donald Trump. We’re heading for seriously dark days.

About the local elections

It’s been local elections in parts of England and Northern Ireland and all the parties are spinning furiously to say they’ve done well. Results say that the Tories have taken a battering, while Labour, failing to capitalise on the worst government in my lifetime, have actually lost seats as voters abandon the party due mainly to Brexit but also it seems because of Corbyn’s leadership. So we have the two main parties led by deeply unpopular people amongst the wider electorate seeing their parties tear themselves apart over Brexit.

The Lib Dems did exceptionally well, as did the Greens, but the real story is the amount of independents winning seats. Local elections tend to through up lots of local independent candidates but this is showing people are tired of all the Westminster parties. In good news it looks as UKIP are over at a local level. However the European elections bring in Farage’s Brexit Party and the weird mess that is Change UK.

So what we learned is the Tories and Labour are fooling themselves but are digging in because for the leadership of either party are so committed to the cause of Brexit now they can’t pull back. Other Remain parties will scoop up votes, as will Farage. Basically the two main parties are back to being picked clean.

As for us in Scotland we have a simple choice in three weeks. Vote SNP or Green, send out a pro EU/Indy message. Time to make another stand at the polls and show we’re not going to be dragged down the road of Brexit by parties more interested in preserving themselves than doing well by all of us.

Scottish independence is coming, slowly…

For a while now supporters of Scottish independence have been a tad frustrated with the lack of any progress during the increasingly chaotic, not to mention insane, period that is Brexit and all the frothingly mad xenophobic English/British nationalism which comes with it.

Well at last there’s some movement with Nicola Sturgeon making it clear the mandate her party & the Scottish Parliament has for a second referendum will be used in the lifetime of this parliament, so by 2021. For some that’s waaaay too vague a timeline, but for a vote to be held we need to know what the status quo of the UK is. Right now that’s a choice between a deeply racist and xenophobic Brexit favouring disaster capitalists favoured by the likes of Rees-Mogg and Farage, not to mention Theresa May and most Tories, or a slightly less racist but still xenophobic Brexit favoured by disaster socialists like Jeremy Corbyn or George Galloway. Both offer Scotland nothing, and both involve closing Scotland off from Europe and the planet as both plans are structured round accepting the referendum result, racism and all, rather than fighting against what was only an advisory referendum.

There’s a lot which also needs to happen. Neither a Tory or Labour government are going to grant a Section 30 order (essentially transferring power to Holyrood making the referendum legal and binding) easily if at all, and the full force of the British establishment will rain down upon Scotland as it did in 2014. But make no mistake, win this and Scotland can make all its own successes and failures without clinging onto the coattails of the British state. Lose it, and Scotland faces a generation at least denied any sort of respite because it’ll be punished and asset stripped to pay for the failed promises of Brexit and for being pro-EU/immigrant. We can argue about what type of independent nation we can be once we win the ability to make that decision, plus we’ve also got to remember we’re not in a fair fight so some on the harder left of the movement need to realise this.

So sign the official petition. Show support. Vote for pro-indy parties in the EU elections, so that’s the SNP, Greens and SSP. All others are a vote for the British establishment & (barring the Lib Dems to be fair) are a vote for a party strongly supporting Brexit.

Good luck. We’re all going to need it but at the end of this we could be getting something special indeed…


I am officially still taking time off after a busy weekend but this is too important to miss. This is the German TV report on who exactly financed the leave campaign during the EU referendum, and just how shady the entire operation was, and indeed, still is. It is essential viewing and you do have to wonder why so few parts of the UK media have touched on the same story. Still, at least the truth is starting to come out.

Click here for the English version.

When will Brexit end?

It is the last dying minutes of a universe torn apart by entropy. Most energy has been depleted. Super-intelligent species have transformed themselves into beings of pure thought to explore the multiverse leaving their home universe behind to die a peaceful, but slow death. Those great burning balls of fusion called stars blink out faster and faster as the end becomes closer and closer. Darkness and the void wrap themselves around world after world with what few inhabited ones left now populated by either devolved throwbacks or people resigned to their fate. All is ending.

Meanwhile in one corner of one of the few remaining galaxies there’s a small blue/green world. On that world the by now fully cybernetic Theresa May attempts to push her Brexit plan through the parliament of the UK and the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn (now just a disembodied head in a flying jar) is still adamant that ”now is not the time to revoke Article 50” just as the last slivers of the last light from any sun sparks across both of their faces.

And as the universe ends you may think Brexit will have finally ended but no, the faecal remains of Nigel Farage has infected another universe where Brexit continues on and on and on and on…