How a Scottish tourist video became needlessly controversial

Visit Scotland is responsible for promoting Scotland around the world so lots of tourists visit, and of course to convince people to immigrate here.Last Friday they released this video for worldwide consumption.

A bit cheesy, but a good message for a tourist video and of course, the 29th March was supposed to be the day the UK left the EU so a message from Visit Scotland asking people to come to stay and we’re still open was in fact, a slightly more subversive act than a tourist video would normally say.

So you’d expect Brexiters and the likes to kick off complaining about it? Well, no, the self-proclaimed ‘radical’ left in Scotland decided to descend like vultures upon it. Sparked by a Tweet from Cat Boyd there followed an extraordinary display of ‘woke’ bullshit from leftish Corbyn supporting Millenials.

The ad was ‘nationalist’ because it didn’t discuss Scotland’s horrific problem with sectarianism, or the poverty endemic in parts of it, or any number of social issues. It was ‘selling a myth’ and other bits of nonsense as Scottish Twitter became probably the only part of social media in the world where the alleged ‘progressive’ part finds a pro-immigration message a problem.

Fact is releasing this on Brexit Day was a nice act of subversion, and frankly we need positive messages about immigration these days but to a small, but vocal portion of supposed ‘socialists’ that’s wrong and we instead should be sending out a more realistic version of Scotland.

To translate to what actually is going on these people complaining are all Labour supporters and with a general election being possible soon, they’ve reverted to type in supporting Corbyn’s Labour which it has to be noted, has an awful immigration policy as they’re trying to lure in all those UKIP voters swimming around.

The fact is that Lexiters have as much of a problem with immigration as their Brexiter companions so we get a dull whine rather than supporting the message. Thankfully these people aren’t especially influential but this doesn’t stop these incidents of total fuckwittery.

The end of internationalism

With Brexit now changed things forever it’s about time we started facing up to what’s been done and dealing with the consequences of pushing what is a xenophobic, isolationist concept upon a population which overall, isn’t. The problem is that we won’t know what we’ll miss until it hits us which doesn’t mean you won’t get a nice Italian wine anymore, but I’m talking people and the culture immigrants bring to us.

This Wings Over Scotland article touches upon the issue which we’re really going to have to deal with as the right in the Tories are now fiercely anti-immigrant, Labour haven’t stood up for immigration either and there’s actual fascists holding Nazi-like rallies just by the Cenotaph in London. People don’t seem to realise that the reason immigrants (and asylum seekers) come to the UK isn’t to ‘steal welfare money or houses’ but it’s because they want to come here to live, work, love and grow older in an adopted home. Theresa May called these people ‘citizens of nowhere’ which was dehumanising not to mention has meant millions of people are stuck in a legal limbo because the UK is using them as bargaining chips.

We’re entering a world where celebrating other cultures, even welcoming them, will be seen as an act that goes against the ‘will of the people’ and that we should ‘respect people’s concerns about immigration’. Nah, fuck that. Educate people about the reality of immigration and if they still have issues then they’re racists.

The time to fuck about is gone. We’re facing a fight most of us aren’t even realising we’re in but by the time we do then things will be much, much too late.

Brexit Day!

Today was supposed to be Brexit Day when the UK left the EU. IT wasn’t but that didn’t stop an assorted crowd of hard to far right protesters piling into London who have been attacking journalists, threatening MP’s and drunkenly cheering on ”Tommy Robinson”. In sharp contrast to last Saturday’s march against Brexit today has been a travesty, but it’s also a sign where things are going as neither the Tories or Labour are going to stop Brexit so these people are going to grow stronger and stronger.

If today hasn’t convinced you that Brexit is mainly fuelled by white ethnic nationalism (and Will Self says here) then you’re probably part of the problem & the problem is that for over a decade the political debate in England has been racist and anti-immigrant. That collided with the fight against the EU and this mutant hybrid shat itself into existence, and because of David Cameron’s pathetic weakness we’re now fucked.

This cannot go on but it will, and a country which should have backed the fuck off after the murder of Jo Cox instead threw itself into the swamp dragging the other countries of the UK with it and all the worst evils of Unionism (both the Tory version and Labour’s version) are smeared for all to see. There was even representatives of the Orange Order involved with today’s protests/riots.

Not all leavers are racists. Many wanted relief from crushing austerity which had started in 2009 under Labour and ramped up by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition.They were used and lied to by millionaires like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg but now they’re being driven into the arms of the far right  because the Westminster democratic process has collapsed. Both government and opposition have failed with nobody having the balls to revoke Article 50 and stopping what’s the most damaging thing to happen to a country in peacetime.

Today the far right grew stronger and we should all be worried because this isn’t funny. It never fucking was but today your eyes should have been opened and you have to join the fight against Brexit because otherwise in a fortnight’s time we enter a very dark place indeed.

The day after the People’s Vote March

Yesterday either a million or two million (depending on your source of information) marched through the streets of London united against Brexit. It was an astonishing coalition of left, right and centre which we’ve not seen since the march against the Iraq War in 2003 and from the air is a massive thing of awe.

What though did it achieve?

For one it broke the myth of ‘the people’ support Brexit that Theresa May and a number of Brexiters push, and push hard mainly because they know deep down the harm Brexit is causing and will cause for likely a generation. It’s a deeply authoritarian concept designed to keep down dissent so yesterday showed wonderfully how to peacefully protest and make the point that we’re not going to take this without a battle.

It also clearly rattled the two main Brexit parties as both Tories and Labour have tried hard to deflect from yesterday’ march with the Tories launching another leadership coup with the horrific idea of Michael Gove as leader, so therefore Prime Minister and Labour doing their best to ignore Brexit even exists as an issue as has been the case far too often over the last two years.

Truth is the aftermath of yesterday won’t be told today or tomorrow but if 2003’s protests are anything to go by then the real effects won’t be seen for some time yet, but a million people at least protesting in the streets changes things, and if you think these people are on the wrong side of history may I remind you again of 2003 when the protesters were well and truly proven right.

Good luck to everyone on the People’s Vote March today

Today is the People’s Vote March in London. Had I still lived in Bristol I’d be there today not because I agree with a second vote (at least not without some serious caveats to protect Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales from the decision of England) but because as many bodies as possible need to oppose what is a fascist takeover of the UK led by strict authoritarians.

Right now the crowds look huge so hopefully it matches or betters the protest against the Iraq War in 2003 when millions of us took to the streets. It needs to be because we need to make a stand, or we risk letting something awful happen which won’t be fixed easily.

If however you can’t make the march today then sign the petition to revoke Article 50 and add your name to the 4 million plus who have already put their name down. Click here to add your name.

One last act of defiance a week before Brexit…

A week to go. Theresa May has set everyone against each other. MP’s are either looking over their shoulders in fear of a far right attack, or are joining in with the increasingly authoritarian tone which is shaping this government, and indeed, the entire Brexit project. Meanwhile the leader of the opposition fails to oppose and the actual referendum itself was clearly the work of corrupt powers and dark money but we’re somehow locked into a death spiral by it because nobody in power has the courage to revoke Article 50 and end this lunacy.

So with the leadership of the Conservatives and Labour proving useless it has turned upon the people to protest by signing a petition to revoke Article 50. It isn’t much but right now but as I type this there’s 1.5 million signatures for a petition that’s been up 24 hours.

Sign here to add your name.

Click here to see how the petition is doing without causing stress on the servers.


Please sign. If we can get this into the millions then we can hopefully force our MP’s to act for the good of us rather than drive us into a cliff.

Only a fortnight til Brexit…

Theresa May is clinging onto power by the bones in her worn-out fingers. Her party is in tatters. Various figures plot to oust her whenever they can and the extremists of Brexit in her party lose what little patience they have as they see their chance to have what they think is the logical end of what Thatcher started in 1979. Meanwhile the party is riddled with racism, bigotry and cronyism. There’s no way back for the Conservative Party.

Jeremy Corbyn is desperate for power. So much so he’ll throw the vulnerable & immigrants under the bus in order to avoid backing revoking Article 50 which is now the only way out of this without causing more serious damage but is clearly a Brexiter who sees leaving the EU as the logical end of fighting Thatcherism. Meanwhile the party is split, and riddled with racism. There’s no way back for the Labour Party.

There’s two weeks to pull the plug on a ‘no deal’ which means we have to have something or we default to no deal and leave on the 29 March in chaos. Now the EU may give us an extension til the end of May or June but nothing longer. Of course anything can happen over the next fortnight but basically we’re fucked and both main Westminster parties have led us to this point as both want Brexit based upon outdated nostalgic visions of the past and history will not be kind to any MP who voted for Article 50 to be invoked not just without a plan, but without even caring there was no plan.

So in short; we’re fucked.

The ongoing death of the Labour Party

After the split of seven Labour MP’s there is a never-ending supply of people overjoyed as ‘having something to vote for’ but the group of MP’s, who include Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger and a bunch of MP’s most people won’t have heard of, are calling themselves The Independent Group. They propose to give voters a path away from the Corbyn led Labour Party by offering such policies as opposing Brexit and that’s pretty much it. There’s no policies beyond this and indeed, it looks as if they’re looking to see what ideas are popular then try to adopt them as ideas. This is something used by politicians with not a lot of actual principles which makes it unsurprising that they dabbled with the idea of asking Ruth Davidson to lead them. If you think Davidson is ”centrist” then you don’t know fuck all about Scottish politics.

In short there’s a real Harold Saxon vibe about the whole thing.

Even though there’s a clear opportunism on display, and even though barring a united opposition to Brexit there’s nothing these people stand for there’s some sympathy to be extended to some of them. Mike Gapes for example made some good points about Labour’s failure to deal with antisemitism, but it’d take a lot not to feel for Berger, a Jewish woman, heavily pregnant talking about how the party she’s given her life to has in some case, turned on her because she’s Jewish.

Yet the smart, brave thing to do would have to resign, fight by-elections and let the people decide instead of this abject cowardice to show they’re not just trying to stay in a job. In the meantime Labour make a bad day worse by readmitting Derek Hatton. The way this looks is simply awful as to many, Labour look less of a viable government or opposition but a party of protest. Just as they are here in Scotland where they’ve not been a viable party of government for a decade and won’t be for as long as I can see.

And yet all of this is self-inflicted by Labour. All of this could have been avoided. Had the leadership, and those in the media close to it, not been aiming for the sort of political purity of sixth form political groups, they’d now either be a viable opposition or even sitting in power but thanks to Brexit, we have a situation where the loose coalition that has been Labour is coming to an end and even though I wouldn’t ever vote for them again it is a sad time. I invested a number of years into the party as one would being from the north of Glasgow, but to see it shambling around spitting abuse at Jews, Catholics (Scotland only) or cheer on Brexit, a far right project, because they’d rather people lose jobs than put up an alternative, is galling.

But before Tories cheer, there’s talk of several of their MP’s joining this shapeless group as it too sees its loose internal coalitions crumble as Westminster politics starts to fall after centuries. For Scotland, the future lies elsewhere with allies in Europe as well as in some time in the future a sane whatever remains of the UK but it’s clear now that one of the things Brexit is doing is rewriting the system, & that would normally be a good thing, but at a time when extremist and populism is so rife, this is also horribly dangerous.