5 O’Clock In The Morning…..


I don’t go out clubbing or partying or much anything young and exciting like what I used to back in the day when I were a lad.

But when I did I used to love that glory hour between leaving wherever you were, be that a club, or a pub, or a party and the hazy walk home and I’m going to tell a few tales of those long nights such as the time when missing my train after seeing a gig in London ended up with me sitting laughing like a loon on the Embankment laughing at the Houses of Parliament, or the time after a house party in Leicester of sitting by the canal laughing at the sun coming up, but this video is relating to a specific time in 1993 so let me tell you a story Dear Reader..

In 1993/4 I was living in Bristol and helping run Comics and C.D’s, a comic shop which sold second hand vinyl and C.D’s based on the Gloucester Road. Bristol back then was a different time, place and country to the Bristol of today. Things were still rough round the edges, and people still held fresh memories of the riots in the 80’s.

But one night I decided to pop to the Cadbury House after work for a few beers which wasn’t unusual as it was a Saturday and I didn’t have to work the next day. I ended up in a long night that I can’t quite remember the details of going from the Cadbury, to the Thekla and then a house party and then walking home on a beautiful summer’s morning around 5am with the sun shining and everything glowing, which may have been down to the drugs, but hey…

The thing is as I left the party the Sabres of Paradise was playing and in particular this song ”Wilmot” and you can see the video of their song above.

Since then this is what runs through my mind in those increasingly rare times when I’m coming back from somewhere late to my comfy bed. It’s a great tune and it’s a perfect representation of a certain time.

So enjoy….