What I thought of Monsters Unleashed #1


I love big monsters. They’re wonderful. I love the old Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko monster comics of the pre-Marvel era of the early 60’s and 1950’s.This latest mini-series pits Marvel’s superheroes against the various big monsters in their universe which means big battle scenes.


And big monsters.


There’s nothing especially subtle going on here. Writer Cullen Bunn doesn’t force the reader to strain the grey matter, and frankly this isn’t the point as we only want to see big monsters twatting the hell out of each other or Marvel’s various superheroes.


This is fairly standard superhero stuff, and while Steve McNiven’s art is nice, it isn’t anything but functional in places which is a pity as some of these monster designs are quite nice but this aside there’s some fun superheroics here which makes this a nice read, but utterly unsubstantial.

What I thought of Godzilla: Cataclysm #5

Thoughts about #1#2#3 and #4.


As a massive surprise this final issue of this five-issue miniseries features a massive fight between Destroyah and Godzilla that results in massive destruction of a world already devastated by the Kaiju apocalypse.

Sod all that though, it’s all about BIG MONSTERS FIGHTING!!


There is some sort of story but it’s been so pointless in relation to the scenes of BIG MONSTERS FIGHTING that it only slows down what has been a light, though fun little miniseries.


Cheerio Godzilla….

What I thought of Godzilla: Cataclysm #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.



Godzilla: Cataclysm #4, like the three other issues so far, features lots and lots of this.


Big monsters hitting each other and smashing things up. Oh there is some gubbins plot about survivors in a post-apocalyptic world but that really gets in the way of monsters hitting each other and screaming loudly.

Oh look! It’s Godzilla fighting Mothra!


Ultimately it’s the Big Fights that matter in this. Everything else is really academic. Sadly there is only one more issue of Big Fights and this fun wee series is over.

What I thought of Godzilla: Cataclysm #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


A Godzilla comic should start with BIG MONSTERS TWATTING EACH OTHER, and not talking as if this is an issue of The Walking Dead, a comic which seems to be an influence for this post-apocalyptic Godzilla tale. When the monsters do come the action is thick, fast and fun but really, this isn’t anything but a series of fairly cliched post-apocalyptic beats we’ve seen before but the action is fun when it does arrive.


This is a bad book, but unless you really want to read characters you don’t give a toss about endlessly talking before MASSIVE MONSTERS START THWACKING EACH OTHER, then try something else.

What I thought of Godzilla: Cataclysm #2

Thoughts about #1.



This is a comic which is probably critic proof as it’s Godzilla fighting monsters in a post-apocalyptic setting where Godzilla fights big monsters and does this:


I don’t really care about Arata and Shiori, the two characters caught up in this battle because they’re typical post-apocalyptic stereotypes, who help the reader get from one giant fight scene to the next.



It’s not as simple as that actually. Godzilla: Cataclysm is as fun as a post-apocalyptic comic can manage to get, mainly because of giant monsters twatting each other. This isn’t classic comics but it is a good Godzilla tale told well with a mean looking Godzilla drawn by Dave Watchter, who manages to make the whole thing look very good indeed.

It’s a fun read but that’s it. This really is for Godzilla fans only.


What I thought of Godzilla: Cataclysm #1


I love Godzilla. So a post apocalyptic Godzilla comic should be the sort of thing that requires me to change my boxer shorts.What’s that, this is a post apocalyptic Godzilla?

Yes, here’s the synopsis:

Years have passed since the monster apocalypse nearly destroyed mankind. Now it is merely a distant, nightmarish memory for Hiroshi, an elder in one of the few remaining tribes of humans. Little does Hiroshi know that the apocalypse is not over, and that his memories of the past may yet save the future!


We’re pretty much overloaded with visions and stories of a post apocalyptic world in comics with The Walking Dead being the main one, but other titles like the Crossed comics tell a different type of apocalypse, but on the whole it’s become a tiresome way for writers to attempt to say something about the 21st century and fail badly. I would normally be wary of this comic from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dave Watchter, but it’s fucking Godzilla! So I bought it.


The art is fantastic and Watchter clearly adores the scenes of big monsters twatting each other, but he manages to convey a ruined Tokyo years after the monsters have gone.


As for the story, well, there’s not much to it. Survivors go foraging. Find weird things, Bad things happen. Monsters. Godzilla. It’s fun but it’s nothing more than functional though with this being the first in a five issue mini series, it’s obviously unfair to judge the entire series just yet.

Though really, I got what I was expecting from Godzilla: Cataclysm. Big monsters twatting each other and some of the usual post-apocalyptic cliches. It’s not going to drive the medium of comics forward but it is a fun little Godzilla story.