A (hopefully) final word about Joshua Bonehill and the Daily Bale

I’ve been involved in this story about Joshua Bonehill since August when he attacked the Globe pub in Leicester, and this resulted in him being found guilty of malicious communication last month.Yesterday he was sentenced.


Maynard Griffin, chairman of the bench, ordered Bonehill-Paine to complete 180 hours unpaid work, a two-year community order and costs of £145.

That’s right, Bonehill has to pay for his attack on the Globe this way, though the court did say:

Upon sentencing he told the defendant: “It will not hurt to say that another repetition of this type of behaviour could leave another court with little option but to deal with you differently


Considering Bonehill’s online behaviour this is probably going to be sooner rather than later, however the reason why Bonehill isn’t currently sitting in prison (as many including myself feel he should be) is this.

Accompanied by his mother to court, magistrates were told how widespread “provocation” over a long period of time from a number of individuals had led to Mr Bonehill-Paine’s actions.

Michaela Rose, defending, said the defendant accepted the information behind the article was wrong and he had made a “huge error” in sharing the information without checking its truthfulness or validity.

She claimed in the lead-up to the inaccurate article, Mr Bonehill-Paine had been subjected to “disturbing” messages from individuals who had taken a dislike to him – and the defendant believed the Globe pub landlord was part of this internet attack on him.

Miss Rose said: “Mr Bonehill-Paine was completely at fault for what he did and accepts it was inappropriate.

“He responded to some quite extreme provocation by a number of individuals now known to the police. It’s fair to say he was put under a lot of pressure and was encouraged to engage in these ‘tit for tat’ exchanges.

“The hatred shown towards him became quite extreme to the point his address was publicised in a public forum, forcing him to make police complaints and having things put through his letterbox.

“Mr Bonehill-Paine felt the only outlet to express himself and respond to the allegations about him was on social media.”

Magistrates were told that a Facebook page was set up against the defendant entitled “Bail Out – Send This Sick Psycho to Jail” where he was threatened, goaded and jokes were made about what may happen to him in jail.


So there you go. Someone who abused, libeled and attacked people, businesses, not to mention used the murder of Lee Rigby to make himself a local celebrity while seemingly scamming charities has got his wrists mildly slapped because some in the anti-fascist movement played the same tactics against him. Well done guys, I hope you’re all proud. You’ve given him the excuse to get away with it as prison might just have shown him he can’t get away with what he’s done, but now he can voice vaguely false platitudes while yet again pushing his usual bullshit.

“It has been a victory for me personally in the sense that those who have so wrongly agitated me over these past few months have not gotten what they want, that being my imprisonment.

“I will take lessons away from this whole thing and now work to better myself and move forward.

“During my time while standing in the dock, I had a Union Jack Flag in my pocket, a Union Jack tie on my chest and a flame in my heart that burns for patriotism and a love for this country.

“I am sure that through divine belief and my confidence in this trial, I was not imprisoned for that reason.”


I stopped blogging about Bonehill because I realised I was giving him exactly what he wanted which was to feed whatever psychosis he’s suffering from. He’s used the attacks on him on social media as a defence which is frankly, fucked, but it’s clear looking at some of the responses towards Bonehill that they’re almost as bad as some of the shite Bonehill has come up with.

I hope this makes Bonehill think about all the dozens of people he’s hurt. The lives he’s upset and the damage he’s done. I hope his words are genuine and I hope he takes this opportunity to try to repair his life so this doesn’t hang around his neck to heavily for the rest of his life. I’d like to be that optimistic but I don’t see it happening. If he’d any sense he’d stop using Lee Rigby’s murder as a propaganda tool for right wing fascism and racism (something Rigby’s mother strongly objects to people doing) not to mention using the Daily Bale as some sort of mouthpiece for his frothing insanity. If not then he may carry on campaigning for UKIP, but seeing as the EDL have told him where to go I’d imagine he’ll carve himself the niche he seems to want by creating some movement designed to annoy anti-fascist campaigners which will carry on feeding this lad’s insanity.

So I’m going to stop talking about him. People are fee to use any of the blogs I’ve written about Bonehill or the Daily Bale to discuss this but unless there’s anything worth talking about I’m hoping Bonehill does fall off the internet, sorts himself out and gets his life together. I’m hoping protesters move from him and focus on the genuine threats like UKIP and the various fascist/racists infesting the internet.

I hope it’s all over and people move on. I’m hoping I never feel the need to talk about this again.

One year later…..

A year ago I started writing this blog around the same time Margaret Thatcher finally stopped breathing, so two good things happened at the same time…

In that year I’ve written a lot of guff, some ok stuff and the odd thing I’ve been proud of. I leave it to the reader to skim through what I’ve written to work out which is which but I reckon I’ve done more good than bad, so at this first anniversary I’m looking forward to what’s coming up in the near future.

  • I hope to finally lay the beast of the Daily Bale to rest. I’ve not continued blogging about this because frankly, it doesn’t deserve to take up more of my time than it has and I’ve also done my bit to get the fucking thing in court. This isn’t to say I’ll never return to it, but after Joshua Bonehill’s sentencing, I’m leaving it.
  • My series of Glastonbury blogs have been great fun to write and I’m working right now on my history of 2005’s festival and here’s a wee clue for the title of the blog..


  • Comics!! I’m planning something shamelessly nostalgic for Glaswegian comic fans of a certain age. I’ve also enjoyed doing my reviews not to mention my odd rant about the state of comics
  • Rants! This seems to have been something judging from the general views I’m getting that makes up what people want to read, so I’m working on a sequel of sorts to this blog about Stokes Croft in Bristol just in time for the third anniversary of the riots…

I’m also going to do some more ’20 best of lists’ as I’ve done with horror, SF and comic films with probably documentaries being next, though I reserve the right to change my mind on that. I’m also going to do some more odd stuff, some of which may be a wee bit more of the personal biography I’ve been threading through a lot of my blogs.

This means I’m finally going to tell the time I reenacted this…………

So thanks for the last year, it’s been different!

The Daily Bale isn’t as dead as it should be

After Joshua Bonehill’s guilty verdict for his attacks upon the Globe pub in Leicester via the Daily Bale, the site was taken down. It’s now back up with a number of the articles which have got Bonehill a reputation as a liar, a racist and a generally sad individual who needs medical help.

Bonehill is clearly a delusional person. A racist, a bigot and as quoted in the BBC, a moron who has brought misery upon innocent people who does deserve what’s coming to him. He’s also someone who is clearly enjoying all this publicity even if it is bad so with that in mind I think people (and myself is included here) should stop giving him the oxygen of publicity. Let him be known for his crimes, not what he’s trying to do.

Hopefully he’ll grow up and seeing as he’s going to have time to think, one would hope he takes the time coming to him to reflect on how he’s fucked his life up. I doubt it though.

Joshua Bonehill is guilty.

Anyone who’s been following this story will know how dragged out this has been. today was his day in court for the cases of malicious communication against the Globe pub in Leicester, and against UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The charge against Farage was dropped, but Bonehill pleaded guilty for the attack upon The Globe and awaits sentencing on the 4th of April.

That would be it, but it seems that upon leaving court Bonehill was re-arrested and is being questioned for other alleged offences committed recently. Considering Bonehill has been keeping the Daily Bale running with a steady stream of lies and the same old rubbish he did before his first arrest, you have to think that either he thought he was untouchable or is genuinely mentally ill in a way to think that he was going to get away with what he’s been doing, and that’s borne out by this post which says there’s a ‘plot’ to kill him.

I hope this is getting near the end. Too many people have been hurt by Bonehill and they deserve to see Bonehill get his day in court but now he’s guilty I hope this means he might be a deterrent to people trying the same crap that Bonehill has done, but sadly I doubt it.

Joshua Bonehill’s case has been adjourned. Again.

If anyone hasn’t been following the horrible mess of the story of the Daily Bale, then it’s worth having a look here and working through the blogs I’ve written on this sorry mess.

On Friday the person behind it, Joshua Bonehill, had his case adjourned again after a first adjournment at the start of February. This time the case was adjourned at the request of the defence and prosecution to resume again on the 13th of March. The fact the prosecution have agreed to an adjournment may have something to do with the charge of malicious communication leveled against UKIP leader Nigel Farage but as Bonehill has admitted to me that he’s going to plead guilty then there may well be more evidence to put forward.

Bonehill hasn’t exactly been helping himself by carrying on the Daily Bale which is a level of stupid which is beyond belief. It’s also amusing to see Bonehill complain about people creating false profiles in his name or creating false identities, when considering what he’s admitted doing and is in court for, is frankly a staggering act of hypocrisy. His latest stunt seems to be the Twitter feed for Left4Change, which a quick look through smacks of Bonehill’s obsession with labeling people paedophiles, which again, may or may not be something which comes to haunt him again. Then again he’s using the same sort of slur he used against the Globe pub in Leicester against a pub called the Honeybucket in Melksham. Except no such pub exists. It’s all part of Bonehill’s extravagant fantasy which is dragging everyone in, including myself and people like Alex Wood, who I assumed was part of this sorry mess but is now clear that he’s as much as a victim as the many people Bonehill has accused of being paedophiles, or whatever passes through his twisted mind. I apologise to Wood for the distress caused.

Bonehill is by far the most extreme example of the racists and the bigots who have been, or are involved with UKIP, but when you have the leader openly spouting bigoted ignorant racist rhetoric, is it any wonder why this party are attracting these sort of people?

So the case resumes on the 13th of this month. For Bonehill it won’t be over as there’s civil cases to come after the criminal case. Hopefully this serves as an example to everyone about trusting what you read online, or how the far-right are using UKIP for cover, or that people like Bonehill don’t happen again. Sadly it won’t.

Joshua Bonehill is in court for the Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub

This Friday, the seventh of February, Joshua Bonehill has his day in court to answer charges that he was responsible for the Daily Bale’s malicious attack on the Globe pub in Leicester. Bonehill stated in a Twitter conversation with me that he’s going to plead guilty, because I imagine the police have a cast iron case.


It’s worth checking out the conversations in two of my previous blogs which add more to the whole mess that Bonehill’s created for himself.

The Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub in Leicester-An arrest has been made

Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale speaks about his arrest

So on Friday in Yeovil in front of Somerset Magistrates Bonehill faces up to six months imprisonment for his attack online on the Globe. Hopefully this is the end of all this but I somehow doubt it.


It’s not just the attack on the Globe that Bonehill’s in court for. He’s also accused of sending malicious comments to UKIP leader Nigel Farage.