Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale speaks about his arrest

Joshua Bonehill has commented upon his arrest by the police in regards the Daily Bale’s blog libeling the Globe pub in Leicester.

It’s been over three months since my last post on this Facebook account, since having been using my private account and the fact that I had been restricted from using all aspects of social media by the police.

As some of you may be aware, in October and as reported by the leciester mercury I was arrested in relation to the offence of malicious communications, 1988. My home was raided and all equipment subsequently seized.

The offence which was in regards to a post made from right-wing news publication, ‘the daily bale’ is set to be put in front of the courts next month. An article originating from the daily bale website targeted the globe pub in leciester, claiming that it refused to serve forces personell.

Without going into detail about the case against me in current, for the past 3 months of my life I have been through complete and utter hell. My life was turned upside down and I didn’t exist as a person for the said period of time.

As many of you will know, I have been the centre of vile left wing attacks and rumours since my leadership of the peaceful movement, ‘stand strong uk’ which brought the nation together in a day of unity and peace in the aftermath of the death of lee rigby.

Having been attacked by the left-Wing by such evil conspirators such as nick lowles of hope not hate and the anti ukip group, ‘slatukip’, I was driven to the edge and had to deal with abuse as part of my day to day living.

The daily bale and my involvement with this news outlet was only to ever to defend myself and my reputation but unfortunately it has ‘come back to bite me In the arse’.

I am sure the left wing media will be intent on making a spectacle out of my misfortunes with social media and only contribute to the lies, slander and politically correct garbage distributed by nick lowles and further drive my name into infamy as with the 2011 incident in which my name first hit tabloid newspapers.

The truth in all of this is that I am a right wing, working class man who only wants the best for his country. Somehow I have found myself caught up in many a scandal and political misfortune including the scandal in which my former friend mr. A wood was caught on giving a nazi salute whilst standing as a candidate with ukip.

I am sick and tired of political correctness and blatant left-wing brainwashing which is being distributed by newspapers such as the mirror and the guardian and then forced upon us by Internet groups such as hope not hate and and still laughing at ukip.

My country is my heart and I know that I am a patriot and would defend this great nation with all the passion and allegiance I can give.

I understand there is a lot of negative feeling in the left wing spectrum towards me and I am truly sorry for the innocent people that have been caught up in this political war and regret that my words have caused damage to businesses, reputations and livelyhoods.

Joshua Bonehill loves his country and know that whatever my actions were and however they may appear, they were only done in the interests of the British people.

I will not comment any more on my legal case until it is over with in February, all press inquiries can be directed towards me but I ask for privacy from the savage tactics of the daily mirror and left wing journalists.

For britannia.

Joshua Bonehill.

This is from his Facebook page here.

This is from his comments.


At this point may I remind the reader of exactly what the Daily Bale and the people behind it are accused of, especially in relation to the vicious libel the Globe pub in Leicester suffered,

The Daily Bale accused the Globe of not allowing servicemen into their pub. This is a lie designed to whip up hate against the pub and the majority of the customers of that pub. They also accused the editor of the Leicester Mercury of being a paedophile, and use the same ‘Hail Britannia’ sign-off Bonehill does here on his own personal Facebook page. You don’t throw around a phrase like ‘hail Britannia’ lightly, especially when it’s clearly so insanely ludicrous and based upon watching that awful film version of V for Vendetta that essentially all your defence is, is actually pandering to bigotry and paranoia.

Here’s the other blogs I’ve written about the Daily Bale, and those rumoured to be behind it.

Josuha Bonehill is still not in prison.

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The Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub in Leicester-An arrest has been made

Which brings us to here. Bonehill was suspected of being arrested, he’s now confirmed that. I must draw readers attention to the lengthy conversation between myself, Maggie Chapman and Alex Wood which is in the comments of the last blog in the list above. Wood asked for me to communicate with him privately, but to hell with that. All my conversations with these people are, and will be in the open. Nothing has been edited in that blog, so read Wood’s words as he distances himself from Bonehill.

I fully believe in a fair trial. Those behind the Daily Bale deserve that, which is more of a courtesy than they gave to their victims. Until then I leave the truth to come out and those behind the Bale to get exactly what they deserve….

The Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub in Leicester-An arrest has been made

A few months back I outlined what the fascist blog, The Daily Bale  had said and done when it made an extraordinary libel against the Globe pub in Leicester.

Today the Leicester Mercury has revealed that a 20 year old man has been arrested in regards to this. In unrelated news, the man behind much of the Daily Bale’s blog, Facebook and Twitter posts, Joshua Bonehill, is 20 years old.

So the suspect has been released on bail. Considering the weight of evidence again the Daily Bale I don’t see the suspect getting away with this one.

The Daily Bale Has Ceased To Be

After a few days where the Daily Bale again pushed their luck, it seems that Joshua Bonehill has decided to withdraw from publishing lies or accusing people of being paedophiles. There’s even the sight of Bonehill using Wood’s name to hide behind.


Of course anyone following the Daily Bale articles on this blog will know that deleting Tweets is academic when there’s screenshots showing that Bonehill is in fact, a violent, racist thug.


Of course this just smacks of hiding from the police investigation in the light of the race-bating hoax they circulated yesterday about a ”missing girl’ called Amy Hamilton, who didn’t exist. After the Croydon Advertiser ran the story that this was a hoax, the Daily Bale decided to attack Rachel Millard, a journalist on the paper. The Daily Bale have deleted the hoax, but I believe the withdrawal from spreading lies is down to this one last (hopefully) hoax.

Joshua Bonehill is still not in prison

Sadly the man behind the venomous Daily Bale blog is still on Facebook, and still talking crap.


At this point I do need to remind people that Bonehill still stands accused of theft from a charity.


Though he considers it to be ‘his’ money.


Joshua Bonehill also lives near Taunton, not London. Neither has he had an expensive trip to New York, or does he lead a great movement of people. He does however have the police interested in him, not to mention an awful lot of people who’d like to speak to him about the money he stole.

Just thought I’d make that clear…

An Autumnal Update

As things get colder and personally, seem to be calming down a bit after my recent redundancy, I thought I’d make a few things clear, not to mention tell those people who do read this of where I stand in relation to my original plans for this blog.

  • The festival blogs will carry on though the Reading Festival blogs are nearing the end. I’ve let the Glastonbury blogs slip for a bit, but I’ll be picking them up again soon enough.
  • I’m probably going to do more music blogs because it’s a subject I think I’ve barely touched.
  • Politics.  The Daily Bale blogs have fired me up a lot, so I’m going to do a lot more of this.
  • Comics. Oh, there’s more to come. I really have barely scratched the surface of telling the stories of the British comics scene from the 80’s to the 2000’s. There’s something coming up very soon on this subject…

I’m going to continue threading a sort of rough biography throughout all of these subjects, so that if you read though all these blogs I’ve written, and will write, you’ll get a full picture of my good self. I am considering some more straightforward biographical pieces but I find it better to have it hiding in the centre of a bigger story so it’s a bit like the middle of an After Eight mint.

Mmmmm, minty….


Lastly, I’ve had to made the comments on the blog approved only. I didn’t want to do it but I was tired of deleting threats from barely literate EDL members, or from insanely paranoid American Truthers, so sadly I’ve taken this move for the foreseeable future.

So that’s it. Expect something meatier coming up very soon…


A quick Daily Bale update

This is just a very quick word about the Daily Bale in the week or so since there was any activity from  Joshua Bonehill.

There’s been nothing from him in a week, no Twitter activity. No activity on their blog. No Facebook activity as far as I can see, however there is some interesting information on this Facebook page which seems to show a conversation with Bonehill where he suggests the money he stole from the Lee Rigby charity was his for frankly amazingly obtuse reasons.


Also, one of their last conversations on Twitter was with a member of the Orange Order, so we have the simply hilarious sight of bigots attacking bigots. One hopes they wipe each other out, but until they do I assume the Daily Bale is quiet because the police, or the EDL, or one of those they libelled have caught up with them  Bonehill is having to try to get out of the mess he created.

The Daily Bale is being investigated for their latest hoax

I blogged yesterday that the Daily Bale has returned after a week or so to carry on their hateful campaign of libel under the pretense of ‘new owners’ when in fact, it’s still clearly Joshua Bonehill  running the thing.

Yesterday they posted this story about a baby being beaten up by an ‘Asian yob’ in Teesside. It’s a complete and utter hoax that’s now under investigation by Cleveland Police, and has been discredited even by EDL, UKIP and others on the far-right as being a lie.

This however does mean yet another legal investigation into Bonehill. These investigations are mounting up and if they’ve got any sense then they’ll close Bonehill down as soon as possible.


Bonehill,  or one of his decreasing circle of friends have just done this.




The posts have been reported.