New UKIP leader Diane James fights off Nigel Farage’s unwelcome kiss

UKIP elected a new leader today who is remarkably a woman. Astonishing for a party where casual misogyny is party etiquette, but she’s the new leader while Farage tours Europe whipping up hate or hanging from Donald Trump’s arse-hairs should that thing get elected in November.

So our Nige went to congratulate James and it seems he’s, well, a bit like creepy. Probably the smell of fags, booze and stale sweat. I imagine Farage sweats buckets even when it’s freezing.


Then there’s this…


Which is reminding people online of this image from Alien 3.


Personally that’s a bit harsh on the Alien. I mean it might be a brutal killing machine but at least it’s not a liar and a racist like Nigel Farage!