Three words to fill you with horror: President Donald Trump

I woke up early this morning expecting to see a tight American election with Hilary Clinton just shading a victory, but as in September 2014, and June 2016 I awake in sheer horror as Donald Trump is in touching distance of the American presidency. The idea America is going to elect an openly racist, misogynist sociopath as president is astonishing, but not in a good way

Basically this isn’t good.


The BBC are reporting there may be recounts in some states but it seems barring something extraordinary Donald Trump is going to be the next American president and that scares the hell out of most people. It isn’t because Clinton is a great candidate; she isn’t. She’s the American version of a complacent Labour Party, but Trump is Greg Stillson level scary and America has voted for him it seems.

So, Trump will be president. We’re going to need all the luck we can over the next four years not just for friends in America, but across the world.