Did Elon Musk rip off the 1981 Heavy Metal film?

Elon Musk’s Space X program had an astonishing triumph yesterday as their Falcon Heavy rockets worked perfectly and he managed to send a Tesla roadster into an orbit that will take it round Mars and into the solar system for millions of years. He;s even managed to put Flat Earthers to shame with pictures like this below that show clearly the Earth is a globe.

But the image of an astronaut in a convertible isn’t a new one. Here’s the opening on 1981’s film version of the comic magazine Heavy Metal.

So does Musk owe Dan O’Bannon’s (the creator of the story and sadly no longer with us) family a few quid? I dunno but I reckon he’s got the cash to chuck them a wee thank you for putting O’Bannon’s idea into reality.