Brexit has unleashed fascism and we should be fighting it

The state of the UK after the vote to leave the EU is desperate. This week Gary Lineker was vilified by the right wing media for speaking up in support of refugees and immigrants the week after Lily Allen was also attacked. On top of that this week’s Question Time was horrendous for this:

As bad as that was, when Tracy Brabin won the Batley by-election after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, this happened.

The Tories, Lib Dems and Greens had said they’d step aside for this by-election as a mark of respect for Jo Cox, but the far right parties didn’t. They used the excuse of ‘democracy’ to try to capitalise on this by-election to gain support for their parties, and views. They were all thoroughly rejected and all of them lost their deposits but the damage is done. They’ve got the platform they wanted and feel empowered because that by-election only happened because Cox was allegedly murdered by supporter of the far-right.

On top of all this, the UK government is clueless in regards what they intend to do with Brexit apart from favouring a hard Brexit, essentially the worst possible option which will leave parts of the UK ruined not just for a few years, but decades. Add into that the lack of tolerance and compassion from Brexiters, the more authoritarian tone of Theresa May and I think we can safely say we’re on the verge of something quite horrible not to mention unseen on this scale in the UK. I’d go as far as saying we’re in the early days of a form of fascism which when mixed with ethnic nationalism (which is what Brexit is all about) is a dangerous mix.

There’s a reason we learn from history and that’s so we don’t repeat it. Fascism doesn’t start with concentration camps and armies, it starts with saying people not born in the country are second class human beings. It starts with closing down dissent. It starts with attacking ‘liberals’. It starts with lists of people.

Even though thanks to cancer and a stroke I’m pretty much fucked, I’m willing to hit the streets to protest this, even fight if it comes to that. I did that back in the 1990’s when the National Front crawled out the sewer, and I’m willing to do that again. If we don’t fight, if we just shrug while Tweeting hastags, and yes, writing blogs like this we’re not going to stop this and right now, there’s still a chance of stopping the path we’re on.

So where do you stand? With the racists, xenophobes and people that sneer at people just because they weren’t born here, or against them?

Gary Lineker verus the racists of Brexit

I’ve been a wee bit out the loop with current events the last few days, but it seems just when you thinkĀ  the UK has fell into a horrible moral decline thanks to the EU referendum result, there’s always further for us to decline. Tory MP and skin sack, David Davies, wants to give migrant children coming from the Calais refugee camp dental checks to make sure they’re the ‘right age’.

For one, Davies is such a clunking racist that he doesn’t seem to see how this looks, or if he does he doesn’t care as something like this is going to resonate in a continent where the horrors of the Nazis are still a scar. However don’t estimate the depths the more extreme Brexiters can sink to in their inhumanity so these kids are being vilified in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun.Mainly because the editors of those papers are well, cunts.

Step into the debate one Gary Lineker, former footballer and BBC presenter who spoke out against the idea with this Tweet.


Lineker was then attacked in his feed, and in the media by the sort of racist skin-sacks of sewage who think inspecting the teeth of vulnerable children and dragging them through these things doesn’t make the UK a neo-fascist state.Lots of people with the cross of St. George and the Union Jack in their profiles piled onto him but fair play to him, he stood his ground.

Now another skin-sack of animal faeces by the name of Jon Gaunt wants him sacked by the BBC for ‘bias’. Except the thing is he’s a screaming hypocrite.


A look though Lineker’s social media reveals he’s spoken on a variety of subjects from football, to athletics, Donald Trump and Brexit. Yet this one Tweet sends racists off because by now we should realise there’s a core of Brexiters who want the hardest, most racist form of Brexit possible. These are the people who’d happily sew coloured stars onto people’s clothes so they could be identified as an immigrant, refugee or Muslim. The sort of person from the Male Online strip basically.


So here’s where we are four months from the vote to leave the EU. The UK economy is tanking, the pound is undergoing the biggest devaluation since Queen Victoria sat on the throne, companies are hedging their bets as are countries who invest heavily in the UK, science and research look set for a decline after 2020, and racism is rife with the sort of ethnic nationalism that I never thought would see the day in the UK.

The sort of racism we’re seeing with MP’s discussing examining the teeth of refugees based on pictures in tabloid rags of what were in some cases, Home Office interpreters, in others, children. See, when I was 16 I looked older, 18 or 19. Plus as has been pointed out, papers like the Daily Mail normally love children who look older than their years.


We’re in a dark place right now, so that’s why we should thank public figures like Gary Lineker for speaking out against the sort of racist neo-fascist filth that’s been unleashed thanks to Brexit. Good on you, Leicester will be proud of you!